Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Yes, I Can Be Bought!

It's no secret. Anyone who knows me knows I love Skittles. My family, my friends, my co-workers and everyone who attends my training classes. Especially those in my training classes.

You see, in order to promote classroom participation, I tell them that I am willing to add time to their breaks and lunches/dinners. If they don't want to participate to earn the additional break time, I tell them that I can also be bought. With Skittles. It's mostly a joke, as the class does laugh, and the ice is broken at that point.

In each class I usually get a small vending machine bag or movie box sized Skittles. Most of the time the bribes are anonymously left at the instructor position.

This morning I arrived to class and squealed in absolute delight when I saw this. A full sized bag of pastel colored Skittles! Pastel. Colored. Skittles. I would have given the class half a day off, if I could have!

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