Friday, February 28, 2014


I am so excited! I've just booked these guys to play at Allan's surprise birthday party. OMG! I know he'll be so surprised!
(Knuckles Deep)

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Book Report, "And We Stay"

I met Jenny Hubbard at Bookmarks Moveable Feast back in January. Hers was the first book I purchased at the Feast. Coincidentally, she was the first author at our table. Though the event didn't begin until 3p, she was there early so we were able to talk with her the longest.

She mentioned she wrote several manuscripts for what eventually became And We Stay. Stacked together they'd come up to her hip. Her first draft was from an entirely different point of view. Jenny said it was dark and brooding and not what she really intended to write at all. (Characters do sometimes take on a life of their own, different from what the author outlined.) One of her versions, she said, was from Paul's sister, Carey's point of view. It was her editor who suggested writing from Emily's point of view.

I wanted to love this book. It's one of the reasons I went to the Bookmarks Moveable Feast. But I have to agree with the majority of the other reviewers.

The poetry is amazing. And it's a very well written book. But I wasn't sucked in like I was hoping. We didn't take the journey with Emily. Indeed, we simply watched her, and that left me feeling very detached.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Texts from Sam

(Good Luck, Charlie series finale.)

Sam: Did you watch the finale?

Me: Yep.

Sam: What'd you think?

Me: Meh

Sam: I know! So disappointing

Me: It really was.

Sam: Still sad to see it go. The series is on Netflix though. I queued it

Me: Lol. Even Allan watched the finale.

Sam: It really is kind of like our family. Minus a few kids.

Me: I am not that mom!

Sam: ..... You're very similar

Me: No....

Sam: Yeah, just a little bit.

Me: Whatevs

Sam: Not the whole wanting to be on tv thing, but you know, everything else is close

Me: Riiiiiight

Sam: It is. It's a good thing

Me: If you say so...

How Cool Is This?

From: Michelle Colston 
To: Me!
Sent: Sun, Feb 16, 2014 4:10 pm
Subject: The Undiscovered Goddess review

Hi Cheryl Ann - I just wanted to drop you a quick thanks for taking the time to 
read and review my book - I'm so glad you enjoyed it! 

Take good care and thanks again!


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Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Night At The Theatre, "The Red Velvet Cake Wars"

It seems that since the success of The Dixie Swim Club, the playwrights continue to churn out play after play after play. Most of them I thought were just awful. The same old tired jokes from one script to the other. When I first read The Red Velvet Cake War, I actually laughed out loud. Granted it was only once or twice, but the other scripts garnered zero response. Yes, it's very light on plot, and some of the characters are superfluous. Still, I thought it better than most of their recent offerings.

Stan went with Chad and me to see The Book of Mormon. In exchange, he gave us comps to Red Velvet. (Thank goodness I didn't have to spend well-earned money!) During dinner Stan discussed the weaknesses within the script. Chad and I both read the script so we were well aware. Still, Stan is very good at casting excellent talent, which we knew would help the weak script.

As the house lights came up for intermission I sat in my seat absolutely dumbfounded. It wasn't just the script that was awful. The acting was awful! I was so disappointed that Stan had apparently directed his actors to overact! It was horrible! Every actor save one was a caricature. Peggy Kaan Dull's performance was the only honest portrayal. Not wanting to suffer through the second act, Chad and I left at intermission.

Stan loves to play up the laughs and goodness knows that the script did indeed need some help. But characters have to come from some real place in order to be believable. He directed the show as if it were a farce, which completely destroyed the collective talent of his cast. Pat Shumate and Karen Robertson were terrible and they are never terrible!

A Book Report, "The Undiscovered Goddess"

Fun and absolutely funny! This is a must read for anyone looking to improve her life and find her inner goddess.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Blank: A Vinylmation Love Story

In search of his lost soulmate, an unpainted Vinylmation finds himself on a quest that alters the destiny of his entire world. Blank is an epic adventure in miniture scale, a completely original, heartwarming love story filmed entirely in practical stop motion.

I spent 37 magical minutes watching this with Cade tonight. He actually sat with me at the kitchen counter and watched it. (It truly was one of those "Thank you, God, for this wonderful moment" moments.) And you know what? It's such a heartwarming little gem. Cade and I both loved it.

If you have 37 uninterrupted minutes, you need to watch this.

Sunday, February 09, 2014

A Book Club Movable Feast

I wanted to attend this event last year and wasn't able to go. As soon as I got the email from Bookmarks, I bought tickets.

There were 20 authors and each started at one of 20 tables. Every 10 minutes a bell would ring and the author would get up and move to another table. Each table hosted 8 authors. After the "speed dating" portion of the event was over, you could find authors for additional chats or get your books signed.

I arrived early as I wanted to make sure I got a good author table. I quickly scanned the complete list of authors and the books that were being sold at the event. I grabbed my card and headed to the book table.

Some of you know how I am when I get around books. I love the look of books, the feel of books and the smell of books. I have to touch each book. I was only planning on purchasing one book (#2 from the below list), but in picking up each of them and reading the description, well, I ended up purchasing 5 (plus a tote bag). Proceeds go to Bookmarks, so it's a win-win situation. Here are the books I purchased (and in the order I picked them up):

  1. Return to Tradd Street
  2. And We Stay
  3. Good In A Crisis
  4. there was an old woman
  5. Starter House
I came back to my table and enjoyed the light finger food refreshments being served. Three ladies at my table were from West Jefferson and volunteer frequently at Ashe County's Literary Festival. Two other ladies were from Waxhaw, NC and volunteer at Waxhaw Reading Room, a non-profit used book store. Many of these ladies were teachers and librarians. Initially I felt out of place. Lil 'ol me...I'm simply a lover of books. But then I realized they were as well, even if some made a profession of it.

At 3pm on the nose, the event began. Here's a list of the authors hosted at my table and my thoughts.

  1. Jenny Hubbard (And We Stay) - She's a local author living in Salisbury. And We Stay is her second book. She has draft manuscripts in her closet for the book that are as tall as her hip. The reason: she wrote the book using several different points of views before settling on the published version. She was a teacher at an all boys school, and has taught English and Drama. She's on the board at Lee Street Theatre and works with the St. Thomas Players. She's written a play, OrnaMENTAL, that was produced by the St. Thomas Players.
  2. Edward Kelsy Moore (The Supremes at Earl's All-You-Can-Eat) - He visited from Chicago. I had seen his book on the table but it didn't interest me enough to purchase it. After listening to him, I've added it to my list of books I definitely need to read. He was so fun and funny. The inspiration for the characters in his book came from his own family. His grandmother was 1 of 14 children, so there was a whole lot of family around growing up. After dinner events the men would retire to the living room to sit and silently watch TV. The women would gather in the kitchen and gossip while cleaning up. Edward said he preferred to hang around the women since they were much more interesting. He also told us that after his editor called to tell him he'd made the New York Times bestseller list his first thought was that now his obituary would be interesting! 
  3. Jennifer Cody Epstein (The Gods of Heavenly Punishment) - I've got to admit, I really didn't pay attention to much that Jennifer had to say. Her book had something to do with Japan and the war and bombing, etc. Jennifer studied Japanese history and even lived in Kyoto and Tokyo. She was very passionate about her book, but I'm just not into those kinds of historical novels. She wore dark brown nail polish and while she droned on and on I kept thinking how perfectly her nail polish matched her scarf.
  4. J. Dana Trent (Saffron Cross) - Dana is a Baptist minister and she met her Hindu monk husband on Her book is a memoir of how she and Fred got together and eventually married. At first I was afraid I'd lose interest as I did with the previous author, but Dana was very sweet and funny. Despite their religious differences, she and her husband have made a very conscious effort to understand and appreciate each other's faith. 
  5. Drew Perry (Kids These Days) - Drew teaches writing at Elon University. As soon as he sat down we knew we were going to have a good time. He was very funny and highly personable. Drew wrote this book specifically because it scared him. Walter, the lead character in the book, isn't sure he wants to have kids. Drew was also scared of having kids. He mentioned that no one has a realistic conversation about not wanting kids so that prompted him to write the book. He also talked about his chimney sweep. A mannequin leg was tied with Christmas lights to the guy's vehicle. During a break in sweeping the chimney, the guy wants to show Drew something. Drew is thinking he's going to be killed in his own driveway, but instead the sweep pulls out another mannequin leg with a drink coozie sticking out of the top of the hollow of the leg. The idea was that instead of sitting your beer down, you simply put it in the coozie in the mannequin leg. This exchange will make it into the next book he's working on. This was another book that I didn't find interesting enough to purchase, but it's definitely on my must read list because Drew was so funny.
  6. Sonja Condit (Starter House) - This is Sonja's first book. She likes ghost stories so that fascination inspired this novel. She spent most of the time giving us a synopsis of the book, which makes me excited to have bought it. She did mention that she's created a town and all of her short stories, as well as this book, take place in this fictional town. While the town is made up, the house in the book is not. She mentioned there's a house she walks by every day while walking her dog and this real house inspired the house in the story. Ironically, her neighborhood house is not frequently occupied. Someone will move in and then move out within months. Haunted? 
  7. Karen White (Return to Tradd Street) - Karen was probably the most experience author there with 16 books under her belt. She said she most writes what she calls "Grits Lit", or literature for girls raised in the South. She has three other books either coming out in hardback or heading to paperback: the time between, after the rain, and A Long Time Gone. She mentioned that the Tradd Street series could be read individually, but that the reader would probably like it better to start off with the first one and read up to this one. (Guess I'll have to see about the first 3 books!) She also told us that she's in talks with a major network to make the Tradd Street books into a television series. Her dog is a character in the book and she joked that she wanted him to have first right of refusal if the TV series went into development.
  8. Wendy Welch (The Little Bookstore of Big Stone Gap: A Memoir of Friendship, Community, and the Uncommon Pleasure of a Good Book) - Wendy was the most down to earth author out of all of them. She even pulled out her knitting and worked on an afghan between signing books! She and her husband bought a house. They lived on the second floor and opened a used bookstore on the first floor. They did not have any money but they did have about 3,000 books between them. The first used books they sold were their own! Wendy told us they now have about 38,000 books. She and her husband renovated the basement and they live there, while the bookstore (which now includes a cafe) takes up the rest of the house. 
After the movable part of the feast, I went around to the appropriate tables and asked the authors to sign each of my books. Jenny Hubbard was funny. She started to spell my name with an S and was so worried about messing up my book. It wasn't messed up to me, it's something I can always recall with a laugh and a smile. 

I had a very lovely day and met some very lovely people. This is a fundraiser for Bookmarks and if they do it again next year, which I think they will, I'll definitely go again. It was just a really neat day.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

2nd Quarter Report Card

Once again, I'm thrilled to report that Cade made the A/B Honor Roll for the second quarter.

Here's how he did.

Language Arts - B (Conduct is satisfactory)
French - B (Conduct is ssatisfactory)
Math - B (Conduct is satisfactory)
Science - A (Conduct is satisfactory, excellent student)
Social Studies - B (Shows good effort)
Beginning Chorus - A (Pleasant, cooperative student, conduct is excellent)
Beginning Visual Arts - A (Conduct is satisfactory)
PE - A (Conduct is satisfactory)

Saturday, February 01, 2014

2014 Goals, January Update

Here's how I did with my goals during January. I think I'm off to a very good start!

See a minimum of 5 Broadway shows 
  1. Once - The Musical (January 25, DPAC)
Read 60 books for my Goodreads 2014 Reading Challenge
- I read 5 books toward my goal:  Game, Doing Harm, Lingering Echoes, Revealed, and Wintergirls.

Read 3 books off the BBC Reading List
- None (yet). 

Attend 3 Festivals
- Nothing planned yet, but I did do some research

Travel somewhere I've never been
- I could potentially knock this one out with the above goal. But no plans as of yet.