Wednesday, July 09, 2008

It was circled in pink ink, this specific June date. Pink to signify a celebration-an indication of life given-though no reminder was really necessary. She was aware of the date, as she had been the previous year, and the year before that, and the 17 years before that.

Over the years, she had developed a ritual. As soon as the monthly calendar was turned, she began increasing her time spent in the greeting card aisles of a myriad of local merchants. She scoured Hallmark cards, American Greeting cards, even Shoebox cards, in a futile search for the one containing the perfect sentiment. It had been so much easier for her when the girl was 3, and 8, and then 13.

She picked up many cards that caught her eye, especially those with the impressively colored embellishments. The poems were always thoughtful, though rather generic, and thus the pretty cards were replaced. She tried to stay away from the relationship specific cards, but she was always drawn to that section. It was the love that threatened to overwhelm, more than biology, that allowed her to consider the special cards. And while the sentiments were more accurate, ultimately she did not feel she was deserving of the defined relationship. Years before she had willingly, and legally, relinquished that right.

She always departed the stores feeling increasingly saddened. She desperately wanted the girl, now a young lady, to know she was thought of on this pink-inked day. Once again, the perfect card was not discovered. And, for yet another year, the mailbox remained empty. For many nights following the circled date, she would escape to a quiet corner and allow the tears their freedom. She felt an absolute failure; she abhorred being the cause of possible disappointment.

Recognizing the importance of shattering the defeating routine, she recently visited the stationery aisle of a well-known department store. She felt a smile playing at her lips with the self-scanning of the items she selected. Hope was blooming.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

KLT Award Nominees and My Predictions

Kernersville Little Theatre just announced their nominations for the 2007-2008 Season Awards. Nominations are voted on by season ticket members. Results will be announced during the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet on Saturday, August 2. My predictions are in pink.

Best Leading Actor
West Stowman (Oscar Madison, Oscar and Felix)
Landon Stamper (Charlie Bradley, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Stephen Swoap (Calvin Rogers, Just Kidding)
Jimmie "JJ" Jeter (Ugly, Honk!)

Best Major Actor
Randall Morris (Felix Unger, Oscar and Felix)
Tyler Canada (Ralph Herdman, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Scott Spencer (Wayne Maybrie, Just Kidding)
Joe Boles (Cat, Honk!)

Best Supporting Actor
Jim Lehman (Murray, Oscar and Felix)
Scott Spencer (Vinnie, Oscar and Felix)
Danny Scruggs (Bob Bradley, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Macon Shirley (Jeff Jones, Just Kidding)
Eric Dowdy (Drake, Honk!)

Best Character Actor
Luke Van Hine (Todd Maybrie, Just Kidding)
Chuck Powers (Chris Gentry, Just Kidding)
Mike Lopp (Bullfrog, Honk!)

Best Leading Actress
Sarah King (Beth Bradley, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Karen Price-Crowder (Jessica Finch, Just Kidding)
Christina Rodriguez (Ida, Honk!)

While Christina is deserving, I'd love to see Sarah win. To be so young, she has extraordinary natural talent.

Best Major Actress
Faith Jeffers (Imogene Herdman, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Kaye Ward (Sandra Rogers, Just Kidding)

Best Supporting Actress
Kelly Wallace (Grace Bradley, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Jean Burr (Monique Smith, Just Kidding)
Marilyn Bledsoe (Maureen, Honk!)
Liz Townley (Queenie, Honk!)

Both Marilyn and Liz were outstanding in their respective roles. I am going with Marilyn because she took on the role of Dot during Tech Week, and created two very different characters.

Best Character Actress
Tana Albright (Ynez, Oscar and Felix)
Rebecca Clark (Hooyla, Oscar and Felix)
Ruth Jeffers (Gladys Herdman, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Morgan Robbing (Jenny Finch, Just Kidding)
Amanda Seibert (Lowbutt, Honk!)
Jean Wentz (Grace, Honk!)

This was the most competitive category, I thought. Ruth was absolutely adorable as Gladys and Jean really impressed me with her characterization of Grace. I'm going with Amanda because her singing was impressive and her comic timing was hysterical.

Best Costume Design
Robin Raines (Oscar and Felix)
Sherri Thornton (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Cast (Just Kidding)
Chris Hughes (Honk!)

While Chris did a wonderful job outfitting ducks, frogs and a cat, I've got to give props to Sherri for the angel costumes that included wings and halos.

Best Set Design/Dressing
Jim Lehman (Oscar and Felix)
Mark King and Cathy Marion (Just Kidding)
Jan Burwick and Cathy Marion (Honk!)

Best Sound Design
Raymond Ruttle (Oscar and Felix)
Ben Wagner (Just Kidding)
Fred Kreig (Honk!)

Best Light Design
Ben Wagner (Oscar and Felix)
Ben Wagner (The Best Christmas Pageant Ever)
Ben Wagner (Just Kidding)
Ben Wagner (Honk!)

Best Production
Oscar and Felix (Juan Fernandez, director)
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (Ken Ashford, director)
Just Kidding (Katie Jo Icenhower, director)
Honk! (Robin T. Rich-McGhie, director; Mignon Dobbins, music, Mindy Hudson, choreography)

While I think that Honk! will, most likely, win this category, The Best Christmas Pageant Ever packed in the community.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Random Posting

Inscribed inside the Nicholas Sparks novel I picked up at Edward McKays.