Thursday, January 24, 2013

5th Grade, 2nd Q Report Card

Once again I'm proud of Cade. He maintained his A in Math from last quarter and his B in Science. He did go down in Reading and Social Studies - from an A to a B. He got 3 B's and 1 A. Still very, very good.

I did ask Cade what he thought of his grades in Reading and Social Studies. He likes to read so he said he just needed to keep reading more to work on comprehensive. He said he does not like Social Studies, but he recognized he needs to study more.

Because of his great report card his afternoon Playstation 3 activities are fine. He really is regimented to do his homework first before playing. I just sometimes worry he rushes through the homework to get to the PS3.

But with grades like this, I can let him have his fun.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New iPhone 5 for the New Year?

Sadly, no.


After looking at the overall cost to upgrade my HTC Incredible to an iPhone 5, I decided to wait. Right now I have the unlimited data plan, because I’ve had my phone for 2+ years. Not only would I have to spend $200 on the iPhone 5, I’d have to upgrade my plan to a limited data plan, which would mean a monthly increase.


I talked with Sam last night and we decided that we'd get him switched to his own phone plan when he turned 21. The theory, “If you're old enough to pay for alcohol, you're old enough to pay your own phone bill.” It'll be $100/month for him, and we both think that's doable. Then, once he's off my plan, I'd upgrade to the iPhone 5.


Now, I've been very happy with that decision. Until Amanda and Kenny. They got iPhone 5’s for Christmas and they are FB posting (frequently!) about how much fun they are having with Siri. Did you know that Siri can actually update your FB status? I didn't, and she can.


I'm green with iPhone 5 envy. And while green is my favorite color, as a pallor, it does not look good on me. 

Sunday, January 06, 2013

Sabika January 1/2 Off Sale

As I mentioned last month, I ordered two Sabika pieces and a couple of my co-workers also took advantage of the sale. I just got an email from Brittany that my items were in stock and have been ordered. (Yay!)  Brenda's and Vicki's items were also in stock. I was able to get one of Bridget's items, but a necklace she wanted was sold out.

I still have one item left on my "5 at 1/2 price" option. Brittany will email an updated availability list next week. I'm interested to see what will be left of the Fall/Winter inventory!

Friday, January 04, 2013

A Night At The Movies

As soon as I got home I walked up to Sam who was quietly reading on the couch. "How could you not have fallen in love with Les Miserables?" As Sam looked up he immediately saw the dreaminess in my eyes. He smiled. I sat down and we discussed the movie.

I loved it. I mean loved, loved, loved it. Now to be fair, I've never ever seen the staged version so I had no preconceived notion as to what the movie "should have" looked like. I've heard the music but not enough times that I feel like a song "belongs" to a particular actor. I was able to view the movie objectively and honestly.

Sam didn't think Hugh Jackman could sing. Ah, actually, yes. Yes, the man can sing and beautifully. As soon as he began "Bring Him Home" I was feeling around for my napkin as I knew I was going to cry. And cry I did. Tears running down my cheeks faster than I could dab at them. "Suddenly" was also great. Hugh Jackman was fantastic as Valjean.

Sam didn't have very nice things to say about Russell Crowe's singing either. True, he isn't a strong singer, but his singing didn't bother me at all. It was what it was and I was okay with that. What did bother me was his lack of understanding his character. He played Javert as very one-dimensional. The only time you saw his inner struggle was when the film cut to his feet walking on the edge of the structure. I was disappointed. Russell Crowe can, and should have, done better.

Anne Hathaway's Fantine was okay. I don't think she's a strong singer either, but her singing didn't bother me. "I Dreamed a Dream" was okay. What did bother me was that she chewed the scenery a bit during the prostitute scenes. A slight bit of overacting, in my opinion.

Every time Amanda Seyfried opened her mouth and sung I just wanted her to shut up. Her singing didn't bother me during "Mama Mia" so I just think Cosette's songs were out of her register. And the warbling! Don't get me wrong, she really was the perfect Cosette - innocent, sweet, angel face. She just couldn't sing it.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Helen Bonham Carter as the Thenardiers....basically the same characters they played in Sweeney Todd. Meh.

I really enjoyed seeing Aaron Tveit. I've been listening to his "Catch Me If You Can" CD since seeing the show back in November. Little Daniel Huttlestone was a cutie little moppet.

In addition to being very impressed with Hugh Jackman, I was also impressed with Samantha Barks. Eponine's "On My Own" also brought tears to my eyes and "A Little Fall of Rain" almost had them running down my cheeks. Eddie Redmayne's "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" started a fresh rain of tears.

I loved the movie and would go see it again in an instant. As soon as it comes out on DVD I'll be adding it to my collection.

Last Night's Feature

After last week's movie disaster I had Sam pick out the next DVD from Netflix. As he's taking a Shakespeare class next semester he suggested Anonymous.

Initially it was difficult keeping up with who was who between the present and the flashbacks. Young flashback Edward looked very much like Young (present) Henry. I was finally able to follow along by the length of their pretty blond hair.

We both really enjoyed the overall premise of the movie. Was Shakespeare a fraud as the movie and the poster suggest? According to the movie, Shakespeare was an asshole and it was Edward, Earl of Oxford who wrote the plays. It really does make you wonder...

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

I'm A Calendar!

Goals for 2013

Though I didn't publicize them I did have goals for 2012. Some I met, some I didn't. This year I've decided to post them so I can keep track of them and work toward achievement.

Last year I was lucky enough to see two Broadway touring shows (Bring It On: The Musical and War Horse) and one show off-Broadway (Bare: The Musical). Chad and I will be heading to the DPAC on the 12th for the touring of Jekyll & Hyde. He's also got tickets to see tours of Mary Poppins, Anything Goes, Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, and Sister Act. Originally my goal for 2013 was to see a minimum of 5 shows, but it looks like I'll have that one covered by May. So I'm going to modify this goal to make it more challenging:
See a minimum of 5 Broadway/Off-Broadway shows in NYC
I signed up for the 2012 Reading Challenge via Goodreads. My goal was 52 books, as I figured I could read at least a book a week. I surpassed that goal with 57 books. I got lots of books and scripts for Christmas so I think I can definitely improve:
My 2013 Reading Challenge is to read 65 books
Also, I'm still working on the BBC Reading List. Last year I scratched off a measly 4 books. Just 7% of the books I read last year were on this list! So this year I'm going to challenge myself:
Read a minimum of 9 books off the BBC Reading List  
In March last year US Airways introduced a Fit for US program which challenged us to get ResFit by keeping track of steps at work and participating in group fit activities. Figuring I could easily do the former, I bought a cheapo pedometer. My pedometer broke a few weeks ago, but thanks to Chad, I have a new digital one. As such, I'm going to challenge myself:
Increase my daily steps at work to an average of 3,000
For the most part I love to travel. There are times when I get bogged down with having to pack and what to pack to get through TSA. Last year I went to Myrtle Beach and took two trips to Maywood, New Jersey, with side trips to NYC. This year I know I'll be visiting Maywood and NYC, but here are other places I definitely want to visit this year:
The Barter Theatre in Abingdon, VA
The Moulin Rouge in Paris, France
Walt Disney World or Disneyland
Boston, MA
Pittsburgh, PA (Bridget is dying to show me around her hometown!)
 I do have other goals, but these are going to be the ones I mainly focus.

What are some of your goals for 2013?