Saturday, August 01, 2015

A Night At The Theatre, "Stop Kiss"

Last night Chad and I went to go see Spirit Gum's production of Stop Kiss.

It's a challenging script in that various scenes are presented out of order, and there are great many scenes in this show.

I thought the guys were terrific. Michael Ackerman brought an honesty to George, the main character's friend with benefits. Ken Ashford was great as Detective Cole. Nick Zayas played the quietly seething, but still in love role of Peter.

Nichelle Wright played dual roles of Mrs. Winsley and a Nurse. Sarah Jenkins played the main character of Callie and Becky Hill McLaughlin played Sara.

I had great expectations for Sarah Jenkins, but unfortunately her performance never acheived the depth necessary for the story. I never quite believed her inner struggle. Becky was very sweet in her protrayal as Sara, which didn't really work. As a matter of fact, I felt the show would have worked best had Becky been cast as Callie and Sarah cast as Sara.

Overall it was a good production and I'm so glad this important piece of theatre was produced locally.