Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Meeting with SECCA

This morning Amy and I met with Steven Matijcio to discuss the improv piece that Paper Lantern will be producing for SECCA's reopening.

We were first treated to a powerpoint presentation detailing the two exhibits. Look Again is an eclectic collection of pieces with a "things aren't always what they seem" philosophy. Glassware is a collection of contemporary jewelry. I'm not usually an "art" person but Steven spoke with such a passion that I'm actually excited about seeing these exhibits.

Next we took a tour of the facility. The roof replacement is the bulk of the renovation. There are new walls, new flooring and lots of new paint. While not complete, the progress is exciting.

Lastly Amy and I listened to their ideas with regards to our performance. There are no real rules, which will allow our musical director a certain amount of creative freedom. They would like to use the performance to drive the crowd to a central point for opening remarks by their Executive Director, and as a distraction for a performance artist to vacate her particular piece. The performance shouldn't last more than 15 minutes.

It was a great meeting, and I think this project will be fairly easy. I just have to hire the right musical director and choreographer. (And I have two very talented folks in mind.)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mallorie's Senior Prom

Instead of going to her high school prom, because they would not have allowed Mallorie to be herself, last night she attended an Alternative Prom sponsored in part by Unitarian Universalist Fellowship.

As you can see by the smile on her face she was looking forward to the night. When I picked her up at midnight, unbelievably her grin was even bigger. I knew she'd have a great time. Apparently she had a fabulous time!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SECCA Commission

Last week Amy received an email from Steven Matijcio, the curator of contemporary art for SECCA. They are in the process of planning a grand reopening in July. They want to make the opening a multi-disciplinary event, and are looking to commission an opening night performance that fuses theatre and song. Apparently Paper Lantern Theatre was recommended by Christine Gorelick at the Arts Council. (Thanks, Christine!)

After some discussion amongst the founding ladies, we agreed to take on the project. Since most have their plates full with Kimberly Akimbo, guess who agreed to be in charge?

Yep, I'll be the Production Manager.

Monday, May 10, 2010

The (Longer) Road to Graduation

Okay. So, I'm freaking out about Mallorie and her graduation.

I just got an email from her school about Senior Day. Senior Day is May 21 and that's the day everyone gets their caps and gowns as well as Graduation tickets - if they are eligible.

Because she failed 3rd quarter AP Environmental Science, she won't be eligible to get her stuff. (Argh!) Everything hinges on her making high enough on her semester final to pass not only the 4th quarter but to average passing for the semester. (Aaah!) And those results I won't get until June 10 - 2 days before Graduation. (Aaaarrrggghhh!!!)

Some days it sucks to be a mother. Other days I wish I had been a better one.

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Gallery Hop

Last night JB and I manned the Paper Lantern Theatre Company table at the Gallery Hop. Our mission - to promote Kimberly Akimbo. I must admit, JB succeeded far more than I did. Boldly approaching folks to chat up the show is really not my thing. I fared better encouraging kids to "play" Trouble to "win" a lollipop. As the beautiful night wore on I gave up show promotion altogether and chatted with numerous friends: Mason is headed to Texas to be in Cats, Beth is nervous about next week's opening of Hank Williams: Lost Highway, Gwen was out enjoying the fresh air, and Rebecca and Jeff were spending quality time together (she's been in LA quite a bit).

At one point Chris overheard a trio talking about a show they had just seen at Theatre Alliance. He listened a bit more and realized they were talking about Trials and Tribulations. After whispering to me, I turned to the trio and smiled. We started talking about the show and they told me how much they enjoyed it. They were very complimentary of my performance; I was blushing.

After packing up, Chris and I walked along Trade Street and stopped in one of the galleries and a couple of shops. The night was warm and breezy, the stars were out; it felt like we were at the beach.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Second Grade Field Day

I took the day off and Allan and I volunteered with Cade's Field Day. As we've done the previous two years, we manned the Water Tag event, which is a favorite with the kids. By now Allan and I know what works and what doesn't. And we aren't afraid to get involved in the game and play with the kids. I usually run around "unfreezing" the kids but if there's an extra water bottle, we're "tagging" too. Allan and I usually end up as wet as the kids!