Tuesday, January 08, 2013

New iPhone 5 for the New Year?

Sadly, no.


After looking at the overall cost to upgrade my HTC Incredible to an iPhone 5, I decided to wait. Right now I have the unlimited data plan, because I’ve had my phone for 2+ years. Not only would I have to spend $200 on the iPhone 5, I’d have to upgrade my plan to a limited data plan, which would mean a monthly increase.


I talked with Sam last night and we decided that we'd get him switched to his own phone plan when he turned 21. The theory, “If you're old enough to pay for alcohol, you're old enough to pay your own phone bill.” It'll be $100/month for him, and we both think that's doable. Then, once he's off my plan, I'd upgrade to the iPhone 5.


Now, I've been very happy with that decision. Until Amanda and Kenny. They got iPhone 5’s for Christmas and they are FB posting (frequently!) about how much fun they are having with Siri. Did you know that Siri can actually update your FB status? I didn't, and she can.


I'm green with iPhone 5 envy. And while green is my favorite color, as a pallor, it does not look good on me. 

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Anonymous said...

Androids can do everything that iPhones do (yes, including updating your FB status by voice) if you have the right app.