Saturday, February 02, 2013

Musings of a (Bored) Boy

I am goofing off........ well here's my story Just eating at Nacho Daddy's . I'm finished with the cheese Roll over. It is very good but sits as it is a lead ballon In my gut. We got a huge boat in our driveway that looks like a tower against the 4 runner. It is pulled by a huge 2500 Dodge truck. But looks like we are going to talk about different things right now , MAYBE!!!! So we are talking about different things and counting! Standing outside by myself all alone. Well were in the car going to Target to get things maybe. Well my hope didn't come true so now I'm not so happy right now because we had to put back everything in our cart. And one was my Hot wheels and also my Legos I'm mad right now or not that happy so that is bogus stuff right there in Target. But at least we're on our way to our house to see my dog Commander. Maybe he's eating his bone! Well he was eating the bone. So today me and the daddy are hanging out downstairs watching TV and its commercials, darn! Well we're headed to theater alliance to work box office. Well my friend Chad is her because my mom is at work and so is daddy so that is why he is here right now. And we are going to the golf tournament today. Well the golf tournament wasn't in store for today so well we didn't do the tournament. But one good thing is I get to see my sister tomorrow so that's good. We're in he car right now and hopefully we make it to New Jersey and we think we're going to make it and well to tell you the truth I think we yeah we are in the car in Virginia so were half way to New Jersey. But jeez I mean it's a long darn way to our destination. It was a good trip to New Jersey because we got to see Sam. So now were on our way to Charlotte for a wedding. Of course I have to be a Jr. Groomsmen. I'm not happy because I look so stupid in the tux that I'm in.

Update: This was written by Cade on his Kindle during the course of 2012. 

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