Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Tonight's Feature

I guess Cade had a good time watching a movie with me last night that tonight he simply asked what we were going to watch. He was a bit disappointed that Hotel Translyvania wasn't on Netflix yet. He was ready to watch Rango again but then we saw The Lorax was available, so we settled on that.

It's a very cute story. Boy likes Girl. Girl would do anything to see a tree. Boy leaves the safe city to go find a recluse who knows about trees. In the flashback story there were cute cuddly bears and singing and dancing fish that made Cade and I laugh. Once the flashback story caught up to the present day, Cade's attention waned a little. A little chase and a musical number reeled him back in.

I think we both liked last night's feature better, but this was thoroughly enjoyable and colorful.

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