Friday, February 04, 2011

A Most Wonderful Friday

The morning started early. 5:27 to be exact. The school system called to advise of a 2-hour delay. I waited ten minutes for a return call because I thought for sure it was a mistake. I rolled over, grabbed the TV remote, and tuned in to channel 2. Sure enough, a two-hour delay. I obviously missed the latest weather forecast. I reset my alarm and snuggled in for a few more hours of sleep.

With Cade (finally) off to school I got ready for my day with Mallorie. We were going to head to some places she was interested in applying for jobs. I also had to stop by LabCorp for a pre-employment drug test.

Mallorie and I hit Harris Teeter and Walgreen's. After chatting with the customer service manager in Kmart, it was apparent no one uses paper applications anymore. Mallorie and I decided that we'd spend all day Sunday applying to these places, and others, via their websites. With that we headed to LabCorp. Unfortunately we arrived 10 minutes into their hour lunch, so Mallorie and I hung out in the parking lot until they reopened at 2pm. I was in and done within 10 minutes.

Our next stop was Ham's Restaurant in Kernersville for a late lunch. Mallorie had a burger and I had a turkey sandwich. Both of us had the homemade chips, cooked crispy instead of left floppy. Lunch was very nice outside of a few rock songs played at a higher volume. I was proud of myself for resisting the urge to get a cookie skillet for dessert. After lunch we headed to Greensboro. We had plans to see a show in the Greensboro Fringe Festival.

We arrived early and browsed one of the art galleries in the Cultural Arts Center. We also perused the displayed artwork of some Guilford County elementary students. I can't believe the talent some of these kids have! I was blown away by two works - one from a student in 2nd grade and one in 4th grade. The detail in both pictures was so advanced. I'm envious of such natural talent!

We chatted with Bill and Kathy Cissna as well as Kati Fraizer before the show. The show started at 6pm and was relatively short. Mallorie and I were back home by 8pm.

I know these days will become fewer and further between, so I absolutely treasure these precious mother-daughter days.

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