Friday, February 04, 2011

The Angels Sang Today

and all because the UPS man totally surprised me with a delivery.

That's right, my CosMedix products arrived around 11am this morning!! Just to remind you how amazing this is, I placed the order at 7:30p Wednesday night! Lightening fast delivery; I'm totally sold on

I began my spa facial treatment at 8pm. I swear I could hear the angels singing as I cleansed my poor scaly face with Purity Clean. Instantly I felt the familiar coolness and clean tingle. I breathed in the wonderful pepperminty fragrance. Relief flooded my face.

Since I couldn't remember the last time I masked and because my face was in such dire condition, I applied Clear which is a clarifying mask. I was initially a bit fearful. Masks usually tighten the skin and I was already feeling like a dried apple. Per the instructions, I left it on for 10 minutes. To occupy my mind I changed my bedsheets and dusted my nightstands and dresser. Back in the bathroom I warmed the water and began to splash off the mask. Looking up into the mirror I was amazed to see such a brillant, fresh face staring back at me.

To help slough off the scaly, dried skin I next used Purity Balance, an exfoliating prep. Once again I felt a wonderful cooling sensation. I headed back to my bedroom to pick up the pile of clothes I let accumulate on the floor. I won't lie. There was a happy spring in my step.

Fifteen minutes later I returned to the bathroom for the final step. I opened my brand new jar of Define, a resurfacing treatment. As I applied it to my face I marveled at how smooth my skin felt. Once again, I swear I could hear the angels sing. For the first time in quite some time my skin was a smooth as the proverbial baby's bottom.

I'm in bed, blogging between fresh, clean sheets. I can't help the smile that's easily spreading across my face. My shriveled apple doll face is healing. I am on my way to supple apple cheeks!

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