Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Evening At The Theatre

One of my favorite actors is Ken Ashford. If he's in a show, I will try my best to go see it. After a quick chat with him that included an update on a particular costume, I wasn't so sure. If it weren't for Jamie Lawson and Heather Hamby playing the leads, I really think I would have skipped this show. But Jamie and Heather are such a pleasure to watch, that ultimately I decided to watch.

Honestly, I didn't much care for the show. Now, wait and hear me out before you jump to conclusions. Eating Raoul: The Musical is just not my kind of theatre. Very similar to how Refer Madness wasn't my kind of theatre. I guess I'm just not hip enough to really get into the cult campiness these kinds of shows offer.

But there were a great many things I loved about Theatre Alliance's production of the show, starting with the leads. I was blown away by Jamie's performance in Thrill Me and was really looking forward to seeing him back on stage. His portrayal of Paul Bland was spot on, and I enjoyed every minute of his performance, especially the biker outfit. I always, always enjoy watching Heather. She embodied Mary Bland with such empathy and uncanny comic timing. "One Last Bop" was my favorite musical number. Heather's a true talent with such professionalism that she never missed a beat when her ballgown got caught on her heel.

Natasha Gore was another talented standout. Cary Newberry and David Cole just made me smile. (I so want to party with them!) And the set! I loved the dayglo set.

I was absolutely impressed with the costume design by Shayla Henry and Lindsay McWilliams. The Raoulettes looked fabulous, as did Donna the Dominatrix. And Ken's costume that I almost decided to skip, priceless!

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