Saturday, February 05, 2011

An Evening At The Theatre

Mallorie and I attended this 5th show in the 2011 Greensboro Fringe Festival early last night. I enjoyed the show. Mallorie did not.

We both agreed that the show might have been better as a straight play. The story was engaging in and of itself and we felt the music impeded the flow of the story. It did not help that two of the actors were not strong singers. One particular dance number was almost unbearable.

Outside of the musical numbers, what made the show enjoyable was the strong acting from a talented cast. Phil Powell was wonderful as Wellman, Tom Barker was a winner as Joe, and Kalen Gaulden was good as Kay.

My favorite was Laurel Ullman as Sarita. She had the least amount of stage time, but she commanded an indelible presence in flashback movie shots.

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