Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Early Morning Injury

I was busy drying my hair when Allan came into the bathroom to tell me he had to pick Cade up from school. He had just gotten a call that Cade had been injured in PE. Cade apparently had two gashes on his side that might require stitches.

I told Allan I'd finish drying my hair and wait for him to come home with Cade. While I waited I tried to prepare myself for the worst.

Cade limped into the kitchen. Taking a deep breath, I asked him to show me his injury. Thank goodness it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought. His wound was bloody, but I didn't think it warranted stitches. We had Cade step into the shower and we cleaned the wound.

Allan was all for simply bandaging the wound. The second gash wasn't deep but it was bad enough that I preferred to take Cade to the doctor. I just didn't want to risk infection.

Dr. Anderson was wonderful. He asked another doctor to come in to consult. We all agreed Cade wouldn't need stitches and decided to Dermabond the second gash. In addition, he'd need a tetanus shot.

With the doctors out of the room momentarily, Cade asked if the Dermabond would hurt. I told him it was like superglue. He was a little wide eyed about that, but was relived it wouldn't hurt. He then asked if the tetanus shot would hurt. I took me a few seconds, but I decided to tell him the truth. He weathered the glue and the shot like a trooper.

After the doctor we went to McDonald's for breakfast and then to school to pick up his bookbag. He'd decided to convalesce at home with Commander.

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