Sunday, March 22, 2015

An Afternoon At The Theatre, "A Bright New Boise"

"We plop you down in a break room in Boise, Idaho for a little over four days and you watch a story unfold in which five characters' lives change forever. Their stories include polarizing topics, unexpected behavior and unfinished business."

Thus begins the director's notes in Paper Lantern's production of A Bright New Boise, which Chad and I saw earlier today. I'd not seen the show or read the script before so I had no idea what I was in for.

The first thing you notice is the incredible set designed down to the tiniest detail by John Bowhers. The lights go out and you are immediately transported.

The entire cast: Lee Spencer, Beth Ritson, Phillip Wright, Taylor Murphy Hale, and Emily Mark gave outstanding performances. There wasn't a weak link anywhere on that stage. Amy da Luz did a fabulous job of directing the production.

This production was as good as any Broadway show I've seen.

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