Saturday, October 27, 2012

This Week's Recap

Monday night was our first rehearsal for the revival of the revival of "Sordid Lives." I can't tell you how great it was being reunited with this cast. Hugs abounded and we welcomed the 5 new castmates with the same excited fervor.

We sat as Jamie handed out scripts to folks. Many of us had our scripts from the first go-round. Jamie announced we'd begin with blocking Chapter 4 for the newbies. For the rest of us it was just a refresher. As I stood up from my seat a white hot stab of pain shot across my lower back. I cried out though no one heard me over the din. I fell back into the seat and was momentarily stunned. I've had back pain before, but nothing like what just happened. I dug into my purse, grabbed some ibuprofen and quickly swallowed them. I walked gingerly to the stage and could feel my body automatically adjusting to a pain free posture. It wasn't easy.

Luckily rehearsal wasn't long. Jamie only wanted to work on blocking. Somehow I drove home and made it up the stairs. I immediately took some Voltaren, which I had left over from another back issue in May. I made it into bed and had a very sleepless night.

Tuesday morning I had to get Cade ready for school. As soon as I shifted to get out of bed I knew I was in some serious trouble. The pain was enormous. Through gritted teeth and a very strong 4-letter word, I made it as far as my bedroom door. From that point I could either crawl up to Cade's bedroom or yell for him. I chose to yell. Commander bounded down first ready for action and Cade sleepily followed. Through tears of pain and failure I told Cade he'd have to get ready for school by himself. I hobbled back to bed and succumbed to more tears.

I called into work and then called my doctor. There was an early appointment available but I requested the 3pm slot hoping I'd be better able to make it. Unfortunately I had to cancel that appointment. Allan practically had to carry me to the bathroom. I couldn't even walk for the pain and the humiliation brought me to tears again. The doctor did return my call and advised me to keep taking the Voltaren and Tylenol, which I did. My co-worker called, from my manager's office. I think my manager assumed I was faking. After a brief conversation she understood that it was serious enough that I cancelled my appointment because I couldn't even walk! She told me I'd probably need an MRI. My co-worker suggested I change my "I-just-got-up-out-of-a-chair" story to something more exciting. He suggested a pole dancing story. Riiiiiight! I emailed Jamie to let him know I wouldn't be at rehearsal. I slept a bit better that night, but far from a full night's sleep.

Wednesday morning Cade woke up to his alarm, which Allan had prepared the night before. He got dressed and made it to the bus. I phoned work and then phoned the doctor's office. I knew I had to see the doctor. Fortunately the Voltaren had helped some. While I was still in a great deal of pain, it wasn't preventing me from actually walking.

I saw Dr. Burnie Little who, after pressing along my back and lifting my legs, said it was most likely a bulging disk. He said an x-ray wouldn't help, it would show up on an MRI, but the treatment would be the same whether I had an MRI or not. I decided to forgo the MRI (Truthfully, I couldn't stand the thought of going somewhere else and waiting for the MRI. I just wanted to go home to bed.) He prescribed Prednisone and Vicodin. I made jokes about always wanting a deeper voice, hairy chest, and Herculean strength. He also wrote me out of work for an entire week and told me I needed to stay, flat, in bed. For the rest of the day and night I was only too happy to oblige.

Thursday Cade again got up to his alarm. I kissed him goodbye and then took my steroids. I'd had a very good night's sleep and my back was feeling much better than it had since Monday night. I emailed my manager and co-workers and broke the news that the doctor had written me out until November 1. I told them I was really hoping to be back to work on Monday. As nice as it sounds to lay around in bed all day, it really isn't. My manager responded that I needed to take the week and I needed to stay flat in bed.

Since my back really was feeling better and the pain was much less I did move around a little bit more. I thought the exercise might be good. And if I'd had pain caused by tightened muscles that theory would have been a sound one. Friday came and my back hurt like it did earlier in the week. My prescription for the Vicodin said to take 1-2 pills every 6 hours for pain. Up to then I had only taken one, because I didn't want to develop a dependency. (Hello? That's how my Skittles addiction was formed!) I hurt enough that I did take two, and whoo hoo! Back pain, what? Yep, Mommy's high. I spent most of the day falling in and out of sleep. At least I was flat on my back, just like the doctor ordered.

So, today is Saturday, day 3 of steroids, and my back still hurts like hell. I'm determined to keep to bed and have considered moving to the floor. I've only had one Vicodin, which is not really touching the pain. I've read several books since I've the time to read them. I think I'm actually tired of reading! I am watching "One Tree Hill" on Netflix via my Kindle Fire HD, as well as keeping up with Pinterest and emails. My opponents are beating the socks off me on Song Pop. (I blame the Vicodin.) I'm irritable, and upset because Cade is bored out of his mind and there isn't anything I can do.

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April said...

Just pick up the phone and we'll help if there's anything we can do.
Stay flat and go back to doc if not better soon.