Saturday, October 27, 2012


Bridget introduced me to this Pittsburgh based, family owned jewelry company. Back in July, I purchased a Pacific Opal choker, and Golf earrings in Pacific Opal, Crystal and Jet Black. Each time I wore my Sabika I received compliments. The jewelry really is that pretty. So I was very excited to find a local consultant.

Brittani immediately mailed catalogs to me and with the Pink Party, I knew I wanted to order some stuff. What I didn't count on were my co-workers who also wanted to order some stuff. While I never had an actual "party" I did get enough sales to even get some free Sabika!

Here's what I can't wait to come in:

I do have a couple of brown outfits so I ordered the Latest Luxe Vienna earrings (c).

Since I already have the earrings, I ordered the Crystal Manhattan choker (a).

To match the Crystal Manhattan choker and Crystal Golf earrings, I ordered the Crystal Fun bracelet (e). Because of the sales from my "party" I got the the AB Fun bracelet (a) for free! I thought the AB Fun bracelet would go great with the Pink earrings, which, of course, I ordered.

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