Monday, October 15, 2012

Talbots? Really!

Jacob and Courtney are getting married on Saturday. I've known of this date and the fact that I'd need a dress for their 3pm wedding for several months. Over the past months I've visited Coldwater Creek, Kohl's, Christopher & Banks, Hamrick's, Dress Barn - the physical stores as well as their respective websites. Dresses were either too casual, too party, too summery, too sleeveless or too tight which made me too tired to keep looking.

Still, the clock kept ticking. With less than a week remaining, and only slighly panicky, I emailed Myla. She suggested Steinmart or Talbots.

Talbots? I'd always thought that was a store for the more mature, rich women. This late in the game I figured I'd pay whatever price to find a dress decent enough for the wedding. I headed to Thruway.
I went to Talbots first and wandered around feeling very out of place. I walked over to a rack containing several dresses. I pulled a sleeveless black dress off the rack and quickly found a dressing room. I put on the dress, turned around and in the mirror was a very classy, slender(!) looking me. I wasn't bothered by the fact the dress was sleeveless. And the pleated bodice does indeed make me look slimmer. I held my breathe as I found the price tag. $169.00 was marked through with red ink. $99.99. Score! While I declined saving 15% by opening a charge account, I did receive a 10% discount by becoming a rewards member.

So I got this lovely, fully lined, brushed-back wool dress for a mere $96.09. I can't wait to wear it!

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