Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cade and I Might Be In The Paper!

I follow Winston-Salem Monthly magazine both on Facebook and Twitter. The editor posed a question today that I happened to answer. And things took off from there!

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Subject: Kids Artwork
I don't know how unique it is, but I created a blog with my 7-year-old son to record pictures he took with his camera. Two years later, his blog also includes pictures of his school artwork, at-home drawings, and writings.

Cheryl Ann
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This is great!

Do you mind potentially being in a story that is scheduled to run in the Winston-Salem Journal (I think the weekend before Mother's Day)?

If so, what's your full name? And where do you live (just the town -- not sure if you're in W-S or in another town in the area)?

What was the catalyst for creating the blog? Who sees it, and what do they say about his creations? Has the blog evolved any in the last two years or is the method/system pretty much the same? What does your son think about it?!

And finally, what do you do with the originals once he's captured the image for the blog? How do you feel looking back at his artwork, comparing his work then versus now, etc.?

(He's 9 years old now, correct?) Do you mind giving his first name? You don't have to if you'd rather not, but it'd be good if we could include it.

Thanks so much!

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I would be honored!

My full name is Cheryl Ann Roberts and I live in Lewisville. My son's name is Cade and yes, he is 9 years old.

When he was 7 I got him a camera for Christmas. He was thrilled and took all kinds of pictures. According to him, EVERY picture he took was good and worthy; I just didn't want to print ALL of his pictures for an album. His blog was created to mutually satisfy us both!

His blog started as just camera pictures. Over the past two years it's evolved to include his school artwork and doodles/drawings he does at home. Some artwork was given away to decorate family fridges and my office cubicle wall. Other papers are recycled and still others reside in a box in my attic waiting for "that day". (And by "that day" I mean either the one when I'll scrapbook it or pass on to his future wife.) We've also included a few of his writings (plays, stories and poems).

I've just recently started tracking the "traffic" to his blog. Mostly it's family members and close friends who read it. "Creative" is the word they use to describe Cade.

Cade is sometimes embarrassed to go back and see previous entries. But overall he's proud of his development, as am I.
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Subject: RE: Kids Artwork
Cheryl Ann, this is perfect. (And how cool.) Thank you so much! I may have a follow-up question, but what you've sent is wonderful. I really appreciate it.


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