Saturday, May 21, 2016

Winston-Salem Music Festival

One of Chad's favorite bands is Drivin N Cryin so when he found out they were going to open the Gears and Guitars Music Festival with a free concert he asked me to go. I wasn't at all familiar with their music, but I figured it'd be fun.

We started out the day with Kevn Kinney performing an acoustic set at Underdog Records. Chad thoroughly enjoyed the performance, me not so much.

After that we headed to Fourth Street Filling Station for dinner. We both got the crab cake dinner special and it was delish.

We took our time and then headed over to Trade Street where the concert was. He brought a chair and we set it up fairly close to the stage. It had rained earlier and threatened to rain again so we also brought our umbrellas. It was a bit chilly, so I decided to walk to the Mast General Store to kill some time and warm up. (By the way, they have some very cute clothing. I vowed to return later in the week to try on more outfits!)

By the time I walked back to the stage the opening act was just beginning. Chad was annoyed since there was no mention of an opening act and he didn't really care for them. (I didn't really either.)

At about 8:30p Drivin N Cryin finally hit the stage. While I wasn't familiar with them, I did find myself toe tappin along to their songs. Chad was very excited and sang along to several of the songs.

It did rain on us for about 20 minutes, but the rain didn't dampen anyone's spirits. Drivin N Cryin gave a good show and Chad and I had a good time.

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