Monday, May 09, 2016

An Evening At The Theatre, "Heathers"

Ken had purchased several tickets to Queen City Theatre Company's production of "Heathers." We had seen it off Broadway several years ago, but he wanted Jamie and  Gray to see it for the possibility of Theatre Alliance to produce it. Since it was Mother's Day, Jamie and Gray couldn't go, so I tagged along.

I didn't much enjoy the show when we saw it in NYC. I think it was mostly because we were sitting in the front row, center, so I saw the wig netting, etc. I wasn't able to concentrate on the show because I kept being reminded that it was theatre.

In any case, I loved QCTC's production. KC Roberge was a fantastic Veronica Sawyer and Matt Carlson was wonderful as JD.

The set was very simple, the choregraphy was outstanding and it was directed beautifully by Glenn T. Griffin.

On the way home from Charlotte, I was surprised at how many songs I was quietly humming. "Candy Store" and "Our Love Is God" were two standout numbers.

Overall the production was stellar and I enjoyed the show quite a bit more than I had anticipated.

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