Friday, September 19, 2014

A Night At The Theatre - "Into The Woods"

Last night Chad and I attended the Final Dress/Preview performance of Twin City Stage's production of Into The Woods.

I have seen this show a couple of other times, though I must say that Twin City Stage's production is, by far, the best one I've seen. Yes, the performance was riddled with numerous and disappointing technical problems, but the quality of the actors, the costumes and sets allowed me to forgive the lighting, spotlight and mic hiccups.

Overall, the entire cast was very strong. There were two actors who frustrated me with their overacting. I felt the talent of Troy Hurst, who played the Steward, while effeminately funny, was wasted. I much would have preferred to see him in the role of Rapunzel's prince.

There were 3 actors who, in my opinion, gave outstanding performances.

(photo by Daniel Alvarez)
I'll be the first to admit, when I saw the cast list I cringed a bit at seeing that Sally Holmes Meehan had been cast as Jack's mom. I wasn't aware that she could sing and the only thing I'd seen her in, well, I wasn't at all impressed with her performance. From her first to final appearance she was spot on! Jack's mother can come off as a selfish, uncaring bitch. Sally played the role with the perfect amount of moxie and tenderness. Never did I doubt that she had Jack's best interest at heart.

(photo by Daniel Alvarez)
I've recently become acquainted with Sarah Jenkins. She ran lights and sound for our Saturday matinee performance of 5 Lesbians Eating A Quiche and I spent some time talking with her during one of our cast parties. While I've not seen her on stage, I knew she was talented. (Not to mention smart and pretty!) I was blown away by how good Sarah was. It was such a treat watching her! She is a stunning singer and actress. I thoroughly enjoyed watching her Cinderella bloom.

(photo by Daniel Alvarez)
My favorite performance was that of David Joy. Now, I'll admit, I am a bit biased. Like numerous other folks in the Triad area, I've got a little crush on David. It's not just because he's handsome. He's a bonefide talent. He played both the Wolf and Cinderella's Prince in the show. Both roles made me shiver in delight; his Wolf especially. While I'm in no way a singer, I've never wished so hard that I could have played Cinderella instead of Sarah!

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