Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Still Left To Do...

From: Cheryl Ann
Sent: Wednesday, April 02, 2014 6:40 PM
To: Mom
Subject: Update on ADK Party

Here’s what I’ve done/my plans are so far!

Instead of a keg, I’ve purchased 5 cases of beer: Natty Green, Foothill’s Hoppium IPA, Samuel Adams Spring Brew, Samuel Adams Summer Brew (2).
I did this in order to offer a variety of flavors instead of everyone having to drink Miller Lite.
I will rent washtubs from Hauser Rental to put the beer in.

Beer Action Items:
Rent the washtubs
Buy ice
Ice beers by 6:30p on Saturday

I plan on offering Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Reisling, Merlot, and a Cabernet.
I purchased small clear cups for the wine.
White wine will be chilled in a washtub.

Wine Action Items:
Rent or borrow the washtub (I’ve asked Bridget for the one she uses at her Sabika parties.)
Buy ice
Ice wine by 6:30p on Saturday

Soft Drinks
I plan on offering Coke or Pepsi, Diet Coke/Pepsi, Sprite
Soft drinks will be chilled in a washtub

Soft Drinks Action Items:
Rent the washtub
Buy ice
Ice drinks by 6:30p on Saturday

A 3 tier cake has been ordered from Christina’s Dessertery in Lewisville.
I’ve purchased clear plastic plates

Cake Action Items:
Pick up cake at 5:30p on Saturday
Purchase clear plastic forks
Purchase white napkins


I plan on offering these single serve veggie cups.
I’ve already purchased the clear plastic cups

Veggies Action Items
Need to purchase celery, baby carrots, cherry tomatoes, Ranch dressing (all can be found at Costco)
Need to cut celery

Salty Snacks
I plan on offering mixed nuts, Pub snack mix and flavored popcorn
I’ve already purchased the mixed nuts and Pub mix

Salty Snacks Action Items
Need to purchase popcorn (The Popcorn Fanatic at Silas Creek Crossing). I’m looking for a “goes with beer” flavor
Need to find glass bowls and scoops for serving
Need to determine whether to use plates or cups

Cheese and Crackers
I plan on offering these in the picture

Cheese and Crackers Action Items
Purchase the cheese cubes, pepperonis and toothpicks (Food Lion)
Purchase the crackers (Costco)

Other food ideas that I’m considering are Ronnie’s hot wings (I could borrow a hot tray from work), potato chips, pasta salad. I don’t have time to make the pasta salad, though. My goal isn’t to feed the guests per se, but to give them something to munch on while drinking beer and wine and rocking out at the concert. So, do I already have enough or do you think I need to add wings and pasta?

Band needs to be set up by 7p.

Band Action Items
Pay remaining balance to them by Friday.
Determine Cake Cutting time (I’m thinking somewhere between 8 – 8:15p)
Determine Special Dance time (I’m thinking somewhere between 9 – 9:15p)

Allan’s Arrival
I’ve tossed this one around so much! If we did dinner, I couldn’t be at the clubhouse to help set up, greet folks, etc. and you wouldn’t be at the clubhouse to help set up, etc.

I think I’ll plan on taking Allan out to dinner and then having to stop over at the Clubhouse because you need Allan or me to do something. Maybe something like Bill has purchased the pool table from the Clubhouse and you need his help to put it in your garage?

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