Sunday, August 04, 2013

Cade's Notepad

This notepad entry is actual several nights of conversation.

Night with my stuffed animals
It is always fun for me at night to talk to my animals. But the animals I'm talking about are stuffed animals. We talk about fun stuff like racing and how they comfort me and stuff like that. I just can't wait until night just to talk to them it is so much fun!! But sometimes I can't sleep and I have to go find Ster or Mommy so they can help me go to sleep again. But I always picture myself at about 2 in the morning fast asleep in one of my favorite places; Dream Land!! But tonight I can't go to sleep so I've already gotten up to get Mommy and so now I'm waiting until I get tired enough so I can go to sleep. It feels like it's working but there is a good chance it won't.

We just got back from the fireworks at the park near our house. It was a pretty good show! So if it were a paper and I were grading it I would give it an A+ just because it was fun and we got to bring Commander!! I think he liked it A LOT but it was probably loud for him and a few loud BANGS here and there but still it was fun. Anyway that's mostly what I talked about tonight. I think my stuffed animals liked it. A LOT!! Or at least that's what Beary said and a lot of other stuffed animals. So I'm glad they enjoyed it. Really glad!!

Tonight I'm trying every thing to go to sleep but yet somehow I just can't so that is how I got to be writing on my kindle but this is what I talked about tonight just basically my day and what me and Ster did today. This is what first I got up then went downstairs to see Ster after that I played on my PlayStation for ten minutes then we went to Bridget's house and helped her get unloaded and went back here to clean the building up. So I practiced Fooseball and then ate dinner then watched T.V. and went up here to go to bed so that is what I talked about. So then I couldn't sleep and wound up here. But it was still a fun day and I got to get Krispy Kreme Doughnut s and ate some tonight. So I think I hear Mommy snoring so I think I'll go to sleep again and hope to go to sleep and fall asleep. So I will.

So tonight I talked about the car show tomorrow and racing also some of what I did today. We got to get the Ram and 4Runner inspected at Modern Auto Extras and went to Mommy's work to pick the 4Runner up. After that we went to Bojangles to get something to eat and it was Good! So then we went home and I went to the house while Ster got changed into more comfortable clothes. I played Gran Turismo in the living room and I finished playing and we went to go I on the Mustang for the Car Show. So we did that and I practiced some Foosball and worked on it some more. After that we went inside to go watch some T.V. and then Ster got tired and he said that we should go to bed and we did. While he put me to bed and tucked me in he said that we have to get up at about 8:30 A.M. to make the show in Kernersville so I have to get a good sleep but I don't think I can go to bed that easily like Ster can. Only sometimes I can do that. He goes to bed easily! So I'll go to sleep and I hope I can. Let's just see.

I did and today I am in Mars Pittsburgh and at Bridget's parents house. Her brother Barry has a nicer house than this place but it isn't the worst it can get. I'm on here because I want to be but it is also because I have a fan with me because it is so hot in here without it. Her parents are with us and they are nice to me. We had some pretty bad hot dogs but Mommy said eat what's put in front of me so I forced it down to be nice to them. I texted Ster and we were saying what we liked on Spongebob Squarepants and some other stuff. I also texted Mommy and she was glad I was safe and sound in Mars Pittsburgh but I want to really go to sleep so I can't here the fan. But I'll still talk to my animals a bit quietly so I can really go to sleep so I will and let's hope I go to one of my favorite places Dream Land.

Last night I got to sleep pretty well. And I also got a good sleep. So tonight I haven't talked to my animals yet but Ster said I could. So I will. But not yet. So anyway today it finally rained here and it was a good rain but it didn't delay anything so everything was ok. But we did get some post cards and we addressed them to Sam's address and Ster and Mommy also my house. Bridget kept one and I kept two different ones. Like the Spaceship and the aliens. MinI someday this week we will go see the little caboose and we will go to Bridget's friends house tomorrow. We will go swimming though. Anyway I got to play with Barry's dogs Ruger and Kimber. They were both named after firearms.

So today that's basically what we did. And also Michael came over today and he really liked my Kindle. So we went to Lowes and we played on this thing and when we got here I let it charge and we got to meet Barry's wife. That was all at Barry's and we fed the dogs at about 12:30 and we went here to the house. It was a big day and I had a lot of fun with Bridget and her dad Sam. So now I'll talk to my animals quietly.

I didn't get a good sleep last night but it was OK today but got pooped out in the hot tub at Bridget's friends house. So I went in the cool regular pool water and brightened up a bit. So after that I went back into the hot tub and got warm again. So then Bridget's friend told me if I wanted to put the cover on the pool. I said yes. So I jumped back in the pool and cooled down again. And got my legs in the hot tub then slipped and went into the tub. So I dried up so I splashed some regular pool water on my face and was ok after that. So it was a pretty fun day although we did do some stuff before that it was a fun day. I liked it a lot to. So Sters phone battery died and couldn't really talk to him at about 9:00 p.m. and left him a text or two. So Tomorrow we have to get up early in the morning to get Bridget's car fixed. She says that her front brakes are messed up because when she brakes it makes a rattling sound so that's our early thing tomorrow. So now I will talk to my animals quietly and hope to go to sleep really really good. So I can also be AWAKE tomorrow!

I slept pretty well last night and woke up well too. So first we went to the Ford dealership to get Bridget's front brakes right. So we did then we went to Eatin Park to get breakfast and it was pretty good. So then we went to Big Lots for a few things. Then we went to WAL-MART to get some extras and went to Aldis to get a purple waste basket. We did do some other stuff to but that was the main thing in the morning. So we did do some fun things today but I also got to get some new Hot Wheels and got Ster a new brush for his truck because he said he needed one and Sam said I could take it so it is packed away now. Well I think I'll go to bed and hopefully sleep better. Let's hope!

I slept pretty well that night but today we're at the beach and watching T.V. and now it's 60 min. So we're going to the beach tomorrow and were hopefully not going to get to badly burned but who knows. So we haven't gone to the complex pool but we might later this week. We will also go see Sters moms New house here and maybe spend a night or 2 but if Wilson leaves early then we will either stay here if he lets us or we might (will) go see Sters mom's house and might go spend the night and I get to drive their golf cart! I've always wanted to drive one but never ever have. I might have rode on one before at like a drag race or some other times but never ever gotten to drive one so that is a total bust.

Today we got go to the beach finally and I got a bad rash. But now I feel a whole lot better and relaxed. So also we got to go to the complex pool and it was fun but we got out early to go to Ridemakerz and that was fun. We made a Corvette. Well we're going to go to sleep now so I'll sleep good I just know I will.

A couple days after that we went to Ridemakerz again and I made a Dodge Challenger and made it look really cool! We also saw Sters mom sometime that week. So basically it was a very cool week! So today what me and my stuffed animals talked about was my train set and how I set it up. And we also talked about what I'm going to do tomorrow. We talked about the newest stuffed animal, Diney he loves to cuddle and loves to talk. He said that at the beach on Thursday when we just got up. So he loves a lot of things like his brothers and sisters. So once he got to meet them he said that he would be nice to them and like them. So we talked to him and also talked about what I'm going to do tomorrow also.

So we had a fun day and really I couldn't write because I was sleeping downstairs for the past 2 nights with Ster. But instead of being on the couch I was in the most comfortable sleeping bag ever! So it was a jam packed week! I loved it to but also today Ster is at work and Mommy is taking care of me for right now. We also watched the Avengers today and it was a good movie also.

So I loved the week and we got to drive my 2 Ridemakerz today in the garage and that was awesome. I love being back. Ster almost tore the Crate Myrtle tree down in the front yard. So I'm gonna go to sleep now and let's hope I do. I really hope I do!

Well I did sleep pretty good but didn't go to sleep good. It must just be like a trade off or something like that but who knows sometimes I go to sleep good but also stay asleep good. That's when I'm tired and wore myself out the whole day. Anyway let's get out of the sleep theory and into the talking with my stuffed animals. First we talked about Sters shifts because he works shift work that if we liked it or not but this is one shift TODAY that I actually like. But others like yesterday's shift I didn't like. And we also talked about middle school and if I'm going to like it or not. We all agreed that I probably wasn't going to like it. Lets hope I don't get Summer School. That would be pretty bad. But we didn't talk about that. Anyway I might and might not. I probably won't but it's a small thing. Go big or go home. That's what I say and by the way NO that means NO I won't go to Summer School or there's a slight chance I will. A very slight chance. So now I'll say goodnight to my stuffed animals and I hope I sleep good! Let's hope for sure!!

Well I did sleep good and got my wish. Today I'm writing because I wanted to tell a little bit about my past. Here it is so in DayCare I was a nice lovable kid who was curious and wanted to try new things. Well I still am today. But I'm still also lovable too! I always had a fun time no mater what the subject. I always saw the good side of people. Now I still do that today also. I LOVE being around Ster and don't like it when he is gone. That counts for both times. But if I get married then I will always hang around my kids and try to keep cool. Just like Ster always does with me. And like Grandpa Kellam I'll try to build a train room just like he did. But Ster said his father was never as nice as Ster. Although I didn't live with him for that long or at all really he is kind of nice and doesn't mind ME around. And Ster too. They officially made up because they were in a sort of fight where it not really a fight but it is. I don't know it's sort of messed up. Well I'm tired and I think I'll go to sleep now. So let's hope I can sleep SUPER REALLY good!! Let's hope!!

Today we talked about Ster and his perspective of his work. Like how he and Mommy have to work to keep their jobs and they have to work a lot to keel OUR house to live in. He does a good job but still makes a few (not a lot of mistakes) in work. He works at Corn Products. Or now Ingridion which replaces the 150 yr. old name and is not the best name for a Company. But since then he's been telling people he works for a different company. It true but at the same place. It's just a different name. That's all it really is. So people over react and they say did you get fired. He says this nope we just changed the name! That's all! So he does surprise his family a lot but in a good way. Not on a bad topic or in a secret revenge certain way. So we had a fun time. Beary and his brothers and sisters all said that they enjoyed learning more about me and Ster! That's a nice thing. So now I'll say goodnight to my Stuffed animals and hope I sleep SUPER SUPER REALLY GOOD!! Let's hope!!

I slept pretty we last night as well. But today me and my stuffed animals talked about one of my games on my Kindle and how I'm so addicted to it. We all think I really am but if I'm taking it so far or not. So really I don't know. We also talked about the pros and cons about some of the cars that are in that game. (Only the ones that I bought.) So we had a fun day today but it was jam-packed yesterday because from when Ster got up to just a little bit before he went to work. So I'm going to sleep now and let's hope I can! I SUPER REALLY hope I can! Let's hope so!

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