Thursday, December 06, 2012

Kindle Woes

I really do like my Kindle Fire. But sometimes it's a problem too.

You see, I've got several books on hold via the brick-and-mortar library and several on hold via the NC digital library. Two hardcovers came in 2 weeks ago: Tiger Lily and Baby Proof. With the show I could only finish Tiger Lily, which I just did Monday night. My plan was to renew Baby Proof. But, Monday afternoon, I get an email from the NC digital library that e-book Titan's Curse is ready. (It's the third Percy Jackson book. I am reading this series in an attempt to get Cade interested.) No problem. I knew I had 14 days to read the e-book, so I still planned on renewing Baby Proof, as I knew both would be fairly easy reads.


Yesterday I get an email from the brick-and-mortar library that The Casual Vacancy (by Harry Potter's author) is ready. Since that's an extremely popular book with a lengthy waiting list, I decided I'd return Baby Proof and get The Casual Vacancy. I knew I could quickly read Titan's Curse in 2 days and then I'd
have 12 days to read The Casual Vacancy before it came due. You'd think that'd be it, right?


This morning I get an email that Sugar Rush, another e-book I had on hold, has become available. So I downloaded that.

If you are keeping count, I've got Titan's Curse, The Casual Vacancy and Sugar Rush to read. Two e-books and one book book. All within 14 days.

Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

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