Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Texts from Sam

Sam: Voting for Obama in a school election?

Me: Cade?

Sam: Huh?

Me: you sent me a text about voting for Obama in a school election

Sam: Yes. That's the episode of "New Normal" that's on tonight

Me: Oh

Sam: Is that what you want me to watch?

Me: the whole series not just the 1 episode but yes definitely watch it tonight

Sam: Ah Okay. Oh I've seen commercials for this. It has that guy who was in National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. A woman is a gay couple's surrogate mother. Created by Ryan Murphy from Glee.

Me: and the lead actor from the Book of Mormon

Sam: Oh wow! Cool! Is that why you want me to watch it?

Me: Not entirely

Sam: Is this the new show you're into?

Me: Yes           

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