Saturday, May 07, 2011

Last Night's Feature

As soon as Mallorie got home from spotlighting WSTA's Alice In Wonderland we popped in the DVD. We both knew it was a twist on the traditional vampire story, however neither of us were expecting it to be so gory. Aside from the CG scenes, the FX were disgustingly good.

It really was a sweet coming-of-age love story, and both child actors were remarkable. Richard Jenkins was absolutely amazing. A particular moment between him and Abby had me initially reeling from inappropriateness, but then had me pining from such tenderness.

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Ken Ashford said...

You might want to watch LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, which is streaming on Netflix. It's essentially the same movie, made in 2008, in Sweden, with different directors, actors. etc. Both movies got a lot of interest because it was the first time the same movie was being made at the same time by different people.