Sunday, May 08, 2011

For My Mom

It has not always been a smooth road that you and I traveled.

I'm pretty sure you will agree that my teenage years were the worse years of your life. I knowingly chose the opposing side; purposely fighting against you. As I battled for independence and my own identity you became the unwitting target for my frustrations.

During my 20's you supported me without judgement, watching me grow into my role as a single parent. During my 30's I became someone neither one of us recognized as I struggled with marital expectations and postpartum depression. These failures and disappointments lead to shifts to my priorities and searches for moments I missed in my 20's. You were conflicted; torn between reaching out to salve and slapping needed sense into my head. You tried both and I purposely lost you.

Now in my 40's I am surprised to find that in many ways I am turning into you. Even more astonishing, I am absolutely relishing this transformation. My own parenting mirrors the philosophy you quietly instilled in me all my life.

While never once did I make it easy on you, you held on to the wisdom that one day we'd come out, together, and on the same side. And as always, you were right.

Simply, thank you, Mom. I love you too.

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