Friday, September 24, 2010

An Evening at the Theatre

Last night Chris, Mallorie and I saw just how beautiful life is at the Cabaret. For Theatre Alliance's revival, it's less beautiful and more dark and gritty.

Gray Smith revived his role as the Emcee, and he was outstanding! Danya Bray also reprised her role as Fraulein Kost and I was impressed with the nuances she brought to her questionable character. Tim Brown returned to the Cabaret, though in a different role. For this show he portrayed a despicable Ernst. Cheri Van Loon was the only returning Kit Kat Klub girl.

Jaye Pierce assumed the role of Sally Bowles, and I'm enjoying watching Jaye grow into these leading lady parts. Jaye has a wonderful voice, and while vocally she nailed "Maybe This Time" and "Cabaret," she stood too stiffly behind the mic. I kept hoping she'd let loose and allow the music to power these solo performances.

I was most surprised by Gesh Metz, who played Fraulein Schneider. She breathed such real life into her character, I couldn't take my eyes off her! Except when Mark Armstrong joined her onstage. This was Mark's second time at the Cabaret, though this time he portrayed Herr Schultz. Gesh and Mark were perfectly matched and heartbreakingly sweet. I so loved watching them. (Unfortunately the erroneous Pineapple Dance during "It Couldn't Please Me More" took me out of such a beautiful, romantic number.)

It is a Theatre Alliance show, so of course, there is token nudity. The finale, I could tell, bothered Mallorie. Not because of the boobs and butt shots, but the depiction of the fate of the Jews.

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