Monday, August 10, 2009

A Shark No More!

For most of Mallorie's life the two teeth that flank most people's front teeth were located directly behind hers. It was a freaky thing to see on a human being, so her classmates nicknamed her Shark.

Several dentists and orthodontist advised there was nothing that could be done. She either needed to live with it, or have them pulled. The fact that they were permanent teeth didn't matter to them. On April 7, 2006, a last ditch effort, I took her to Chermack and Hanson. Dr. Hanson was the only one willing to take on the challenge. For an hour he talked to me about Mallorie's teeth, showed me examples of how he had helped other unusual cases, and answered all questions I posed.

Twenty four months of braces turned into almost three and a half years. We went today to get them off.

Cade and I stayed with her and watched as the assistant clipped off each bracket and scrapped off the cement. When everything was off, Mallorie looked up at us and smiled. I couldn't help it, I cried a little. Her teeth are perfectly aligned. No more Shark.

Dr. Hanson will be using Mallorie as an example of the power of orthodontics. And I absolutely agree. It's the best damn money I've ever spent!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

Pooped Out

Run Thru, Moonlight and Magnolias

I don't think I've been to a more enjoyable read thru.

First, Murdock, a UNCSA grad student and our set designer, brought in his model. He's done an extensive amount of research which reflects in the period set. It will be absolutely phenomenal. (Period blinds have been ordered.)

Next we were introduced to Bill, a UNCSA faculty member in the costume department, who will be designing our costumes. This won't mean much to the guys; they wear the same costume throughout the show. I will be getting 3 costumes and I'm very excited about my period look. I'm gonna look so fab!

Listening to Tony and Don, as Selznick and Fleming, act out Melanie's birthing scene was hysterical! There's some very funny stuff in this script! During the break Chad, Stan and Don told anesthesia stories. Don had the best story, by far. I was laughing so hard, I was crying!

I can't wait for the next rehearsal!

Watching Planes

Cade, Bare (pronounced bear-e) and I drove to Charlotte to pick Mallorie up at the airport. We arrived a bit early, so we sat in the car on the roof of the parking deck and watched the airplanes come in. Cade and I counted about 20 planes in 30 minutes.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Mallorie, the new Wizard?

A friend of Geoff's works on Wicked as a dresser for the swings, so yesterday Mallorie got a backstage tour. She saw Galinda's bubble, the secret dead green baby, and 150 wigs (100 wigs are used each night, 50 are reserved for swings). Since she was touring between the matinee and evening performance, she also saw some cast members.

In this pic, Mallorie is apparently wearing one of the heaviest costumes in the show.

Live Blogging So You Think You Can Dance - The Finale

8:01 - I do like Cat's hair straight. She really is a knockout.

Record breaking voting last night. I was one of the millions! Yep. For the first time ever, I actually voted. I picked up the phone and made the call for Jeanine. (Three times!)

8:04 - Well, I was hoping for an original opening number. We've seen this Brand New Day routine before. It's not my favorite opening number but I do think it's highly creative. Way to go, Tyce!

Seven "judges" tonight! Lil C, Mia, Tyce, Debbie, Adam, Mary and Nigel.

8:19 - Adam's favorite number, Philip's and Jeanine's Mad was one that I really liked as well. I got teary eyed watching the original performance.

8:21 - Nigel's favorite was also Brandon's favorite, his tango with Janette. Perhaps it's the bigger stage, but I'm just not feeling it. Brandon looks a little stiff. Maybe it's just nerves?

8:26 - I love this T-Mobile commercial!

8:30 - Debbie's favorite number is Asuka's and Vitolio's waltz. It was okay, just like it was the first time around.

8:32 - Mary's favorite was my absolute favorite. Jeanine and Jason performing Travis Wall's beautiful choreography. Oops, he threw the necklace just out of her reach. Yes, there was the kiss for Mary!

8:41 - Mia's favorite is Max and Kayla's samba. It was missing some energy. Or perhaps Kayla is nervous.

8:44 - The top 4 got to see a premiere screening of Fame. I will definitely see this movie! (Oh man, I have a performance on the night Fame opens.)

8:47 - Another of Debbie's favorite performances is my favorite opening numbers - Calle Ocho!

8:55 - Australia's winner. The background is making me a bit dizzy!

8:58 - No, Lil C. Why Jason and Caitlin's Bollywood number? There were so many more numbers more buck than this one.

9:01 - Okay, here we go. Results. My fingers are crossed. Kayla got 4th place. And I agree with America. Yes, she is beautiful and had beautiful lines, but there was just something missing in some of her performances. Last night Nigel said her personality was missing, and I do agree, but I also think she didn't dance as clean as those beautiful lines.

9:10 - Another of Adam's favorite performances, Evan's and Randi's Butt Dance.

9:12 - Mary loved last night's pasodoble performed by Brandon and Jeanine.

9:15 - More results. 3rd place is Evan. Nigel absolutely called it last night. He said it would come down to Jeanine or Brandon.

I wanted Evan to be voted off earlier in the season. But then I started rooting for him. He is exceptional in his genre. He will go very far as a dancer.

I'm tearing up! He is such a sweet guy!

9:24 - Nigel truly cracks me up. His favorite, Addition with Kayla and Kupono. This is such a wonderful piece. Kayla is even crying!

9:27 - Again with the Rage Boyz.

9:31 - Tyce's fan-friggin-tastic favorite is Brandon's and Janette's disco.

9:39 - One last favorite performance, which is the one that made me absolute ball. Powerfully choreographed by Tyce, it's the dance about breast cancer performed by Melissa and Ade. I'm not balling, but it still is as powerful as it was originally.

9:43 - What? Are the judges really going to appear in this Chorus Line piece? YES! The Kodak is going crazy with applause!

9:51 - Well, it's that time. Final results. Nigel already knows the results! Come on, Jeanine! iofhjoirojio9po oh, sorry about that! I'm jumping up and down! Whoo hoo! So well deserved! Yes, I helped make Jeanine American's Favorite Dancer!

The Cast of Moonlight and Magnolias

David O. Selznick - Anthony Liguori
Ben Hecht - Chad Edwards
Victor Fleming - Don Gunther
Miss Poppenghul - Cheryl Ann Roberts

We are the first cast of the 75th Season, and the first mainstage cast for the renamed Twin City Stage.

I'm thrilled to be reunited with Chad and Don. I worked with both of them in The Foreigner, and Don and I just completed the extended revival run of Sordid Lives. And it's my dream come true to work with Tony. I am so honored to be working with these talented men. I can't stop smiling.

The Twin City Stage box office opens September 14, so mark your calendar! You won't want to miss this show!

Monday, August 03, 2009

Auditions, Moonlight and Magnolias

As I pulled into the Hanes Community Center parking lot at 6:45p I noticed a great many people in the Arts Council lobby. I was a bit taken aback. All those people were auditioning?! I met Dillon and Don in the parking lot, and as we entered the building we were directed down the hallway, toward the rehearsal hall. All those folks in the lobby were waiting for to see a show as part of the National Black Theatre Festival.

I greeted Pat and Janice, picked up an audition sheet and sat down to fill it out. I briefly talked with Roberts and Dan, who were also auditioning. I turned in my sheet, picked up a side, and was thrilled to see Tony holding sides. I've been dying to work with Tony, and as of yet we haven't been cast together. (He got both roles, I lost to Kelly and Shelley.) We chatted for a bit and then he was called in.

I was partnered with Brian, who is relatively new to theatre, and we reviewed the Miss Pop/Selznick scene. Stan came out and gave me some direction (try an accent..a New York or Southern accent, maybe?) and Dillon escorted me in, sans Brian. Stephanie read with me (Yes, Mr. Selznick. No, Mr. Selznick) and I left. Stephanie called me a little more than an hour later. I got the part!

I have no idea who else got cast. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Tony got a role.

Saturday, August 01, 2009

As she greeted and chatted with friends the room momentarily brightened as the light refracted with the opening of the glass door. She looked up and paused, mid-sentence, shock melting her easy smile.

She should have known he would come to support others. But she had thought she was safe. His attendance was not something she had remotely considered as alternative circumstances deemed it highly unlikely. In retrospect she should not have been so careless.

She compelled herself to resume her conversation, which she concluded with slight difficulty, as she surreptitiously watched him settle into a chair. She politely retreated, silently damning herself for her stupidity. There was nothing she could do at this point but that which she was hired. She would remain professional; stifling every muscle which urged her to flee.

The afternoon commenced as scheduled, though she tripped a bit on her opening speech. Simple words were hindered by the flood gate of emotion. She settled in the back and vainly attempted to concentrate on the scenes. She forced her focus to the piece of beige paper attached to the clipboard in front of her. She traced her finger over the swirling logo. Her fingers ached to twirl the tufts of his hair; to trail down his face, caress his cheek. She yearned to smile up at him, to warmly meet his eyes with her truth.

A cue word snapped her out of her imagination. Shame instantly colored her face as realization dawned on the path of her subconscious. The room gently spun as her hearing deafened. She gripped the stand for precious balance, and wholly concentrated on the pattern of her breathing. She was in tentative command by the segue.

Returning to her mark she chastised herself for her mental mirage. Resolve borne of timed weekly dialogue seemed to have dissipated. She struggled, and she was always struggling where he was concerned, to regain stasis. She channeled all her cerebral energy into a review of her program notes. Her organization had instilled confidence in the others and the same was inspiring her calmness now. Normal breathing was no longer a chore.

During the reception she occupied her hands, which kept her thoughts corralled. Finally, the array thinned. She did not have to seek; she sensed his absence.

Invitations were offered and gently declined. Walking to her car, professionalism disintegrated into attempered tears. She would rebuild fortitude tomorrow.

August skirt! Philosophy

August Wish List Lower mileage on our cars and more miles on our walks (so our bodies will need fewer tune-ups). Un-birthday surprise parties. More yes, not less. A Venti life (sweet, strong and stimulating). An English Goldendoodle on a red leather leash. REMember time with past lovers in our dreams. Fab abs and pipestem pants (also in our dreams). The longevity gone. Michelle Obama's reading list. Ruth Bader Ginsburg's bravura in the Court of alpha makes. A Good Pyhsician for the nation, like Regina Benjamin. Italian in-laws (with a villa). Guardian angels with a sense of humor. A moratorium on cute crafts on the internet. Our own photo booth. Multicultural mash-ups in every neighborhood {bring on the block parties}. Impossibly fragile dancing shoes. Sturdy souls for whatever lies ahead.