Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In Concert: Sara Bareilles

I was first turned on to Sara Bareilles' music during a Season 5 episode of So You Think You Can Dance. Kayla and Kapona did a contemporary dance number to the song "Gravity." It was such a profund song and a powerful dance peice. Before the episode was over I'd purchased the single from iTunes.

A few months later a very dear friend of mine emailed me. He asked if I knew who Sara Bareillis was because one of her songs on her new CD reminded him of me. I rushed out that same day and bought Kaleidoscope Heart.

Chad is also a fan of Sara and when she released The Blessed Unrest he burned a copy for me. It was a no-brainer that when I heard she was coming to Raleigh that we'd buy tickets and go.

Last night Chad and I drove to the Red Hat Amphitheater to see her Little Black Dress tour. We had great seats and after a quick Blue Moon I settled in to enjoy the show. She did not disappoint. I didn't stand up and rock out due to issues with my back. Even sitting down I was able to see her perfectly. She did treat the audience to an original song she's working on for a new Broadway musical based on the movie Waitress.

I thoroughly enjoyed the concert!

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