Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Slime

Halloween is my most favorite holiday and this year I am determined to decorate!

For inspiration I turned to Pinterest. Oh, goodness! That website that is both a blessing and a curse! For the past several weekends I've researched hundreds of Halloween crafts and the resulting Halloween decors. I found a great many craft that I wanted to try. After trips to both Michael's, AC Moore and a couple of Dollar Tree stores I'm well on my Halloween crafting and decorating way!

Today I decided to involve Cade in my crafting. Today was slime making day.

The first batch of slime was glitter slime. We followed these directions from The 36th AVENUE.

This was the first batch I've ever tried to make so I was about to experiment. We followed the instructions to the letter. And while the glittery color is really cool, we didn't exactly get slime. What we got instead was more like a stiff glittery blob.

In stuffing the blob into baby food jars, Cade discovered the real fun. Each time he pushed into the jar, it made a farting noise.

As you can imagine, Cade deemed this batch a success.

Now, I also bought regular glue and some neon colored food coloring so we could make different slime. For this we used this recipe from A Pumkin And A Princess, sans the glow in the dark paint.

This batch was absolutely perfect! Definitely the consistency of slime. As you can see, Cade had a lot of fun letting the slime ooze all over.

This was a very easy and extremely fun Halloween project.

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