Saturday, June 29, 2013

A Night At The Theatre, "Incongruence"

When a person looks into a mirror, what does she see? With whom does a person converse when addressing his reflection? Is this the same person she knows herself to be? Is this the reflection of the person he thinks or feels he should be, and from all the images the authorities of the world tell him to be? Looking into life's mirror at one's self, is there any disparity?

Incongruence is a journey into a looking glass of how we see ourselves among others, using the transgender story as the mirror. The stories told in Incongruence are based in fact, taken from private interviews, and were combined and fictionalized for security and artistic creativity. 

It was that blurb about this new play that made me see it. I wanted to understand what Sam is going through so I don't make ignorant mistakes with him.

The show was definitely different and not at all what I expected. Though truth be told, I wasn't sure what to expect. Some of the vignettes were extremely touching and I found myself trying to hold back tears. When I absolutely couldn't, I let them fall freely. 

We stayed for the talk back after and it was lovely to hear each of the cast members talk about the honor they felt in bringing the play to life.

While I'd cut some of the more superfluous scenes, this is definitely a show that everyone should see.

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