Saturday, May 18, 2013

Cade's Notepad

I got Cade a Kindle for his birthday. He really loves it. Occasionally I'll do a parental check of the items on his Kindle and I was surprised to see he had downloaded a Notepad app. Upon further investigation, I found this. He said he had trouble sleeping one night and just started writing.

My dream life of NASCAR Racing

First off this is the dream life and it won't be true. It could but probably won't.

My crew chief Steve Latarte said "WE DID IT!" I just won the Daytona 500! I did the best burn out I ever did. We got to Victory Lane and everything was practically a party! And then we went to dinner. That's when the party started. First we went to The District and had a nice fun party. Then people wanted autographs and so after that I got out my wallet and then he said that I didn't need to and he said that i should stay a while. Well I did and had a fun time also. Well I drove my `04 850 horse power Cobra down to Myrtle Beach and went to Twin lakes and went on the balcony. I was all alone and was single. So I looked out on the Intercoastal Waterway and this girl named Ari said want to go to the beach tomorrow. So of course my 5th grade crush I said sure. And once she go to my Penthouse at the North Beach Tower she said wow I should live with you. Behind practically a Multi-trillionaire I said your going to get what you want if you want. Then she just said OK and we went to the beach. We stayed there for about 3 hours and then we went to the biggest pool I've seen in a long time. We stayed there for about 2 more hours and had a couple of drinks and went back to the Penthouse and she said "better get back to my house" so she left in a `69 Camaro and then she said "like my car." First I said how much horse power it had. The she said 450. I said did you mod it up. She said yep. And then took her to my Museum of cars and she said do you have a Bugati Veyron and of course my answer was "yes." So her answer was can I drive it. So I let her and it was my second most powerful car behind the Tony Schumacher Dragster and she loved it. She said could i have it. I said yes the one that's being delivered tomorrow. That was also the Super Sport. And I said do you have a garage. She said yes. I felt a whole better because it needs one. It got carried by Reliable carriers. Well the day after it got a nice wash and wax by Ster. Ari wanted to drive it so bad but she also wanted to try out my other cars. So I said you can test drive them and see which one you really want. But she said won't that cost money. So I said money for me practically grows on trees. But I'm not a tight wad either. I still and will always hang out with my parents. So she wanted MY Cobra R and I said I'll buy one exactly like this one and YOU can have it. She liked the idea. So it happened then she said can I move in with you. I said oh yeah. So she did and then got everything she ever wanted. We went to the beach the next day because we always stay at my Penthouse at the North Beach Towers. She really loves the place. And then about 2 weeks later we drive back to Fountain Brook. Then she brought up how many girls I dated before her. And I said I don't really know. So I said how many do you think. She said about 5 so I said your about right. Then I said how many guys she dated. She said about 5 or 6. So we went to the pool again and spent a couple of hours there. We went back to the Penthouse and got our showers done and went out to eat dinner at Johnny Rockets at Broadway at the Beach. So we went a couple of other places then late at about 12:00 in the morning we went to the pool. Other people were there but not a lot like in the daytime. So anyway we stayed there about 2 or 3 hours then went back to the Penthouse and went to bed. We slept together and got up together. At about 12:00 in the afternoon we got up. I said when we first got up that I should see her house. Then she said OK. So next what we did then we took my Cobra R to North Carolina to see her house and family. It was fast and loud and wow I've never seen a girl want to go MORE than 100 m.p.h. We got to her house at about 4:30 and she had a nice place but it was also an expensive house for one person and a dog! I have a dog but he only goes with me in the 30 wheeler. It is a semi with 30 wheels and a whole lot of torque and horsepower. He also sometimes comes with me in the HEMITT and always my R.V. The HEMITT is an army truck that is really awesome and big!

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