Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Unhappy Halloween

It's been a while since I've worked for a company that encourages dressing up for Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday of the year. Some of the characters I portrayed in the past: a mime, The Phantom of the Opera, a fortune teller, a farmer's daughter, Emmett Kelly, Zorro, Juliet, Roxie Hart, and a Mardi Gras Princess.

This year I had three potential costumes in mind - all Disney characters. Ultimately it boiled down to what I could find at Goodwill.

A brown skirt was the easiest find. I was terribly excited to find the same blue colored undershirt, then the search began for a black vest. Beige kitchen curtains could be altered to make the apron. I already had black ballet flats (purchased at Goodwill last year). And I also found silver shoes that would do for the glass slipper. I was going to be Cinderella!

I woke expecting to feel the rush of kid-like Christmas morning excitement! Instead I felt the rush of blood to my head, the throbbing of my sinuses, the swell of my throat. I downed some pills and returned to bed, optimistic a nap would make me feel better. I awoke in a drug induced haze, feeling worse. After Cade told me that I looked "real bad", I called in to work sick, and returned to bed. My Boo turned into boo hoo hoo. I guess I'll be Cinderella next year.

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