Thursday, November 03, 2011


I dreaded August 22 just as much as Cade dreaded the end of summer vacation. Two weeks prior the new supervisors completed the mini shift bid. I was going to be the new supe for the Customer Service Desk PM reps.

When other supes found out, they actually offered their condolences! A previous CSD supe told me about the medication he had to start taking just to cope. The supe I would be replacing was now walking around with a spring in his step; the weight of the world so obviously off his shoulders.

I decided to go into my new position with very low expectations. If previous supes couldn't get the team to perform at goal, what could I magically do?

When calls were escalated to me, I asked them their expert opinion, and I supported that opinion. Sometimes I didn't need to talk to the customer. Most times I did. When the reps called me, I made sure to be available to them. I didn't hide.

I also thanked them for the work they did. Nothing fancy, an occassional email, with a simple Thank You. The reps began to talk - when was the last time someone actually thanked them? I built a rapport with most of my team and we began to enjoy each other.

On October 4 I interviewed for a Training Instructor position. My team was horrified! Why do you want to leave us? I told them I didn't want to leave - I really had begun to really enjoy CSD. It was simply an interview and I might not get the job.

But I did. When Beth and John offered the postion to me, they were absolutely surprised when I asked for the weekend to think about it. I think they expected me to jump at the chance to leave CSD! Really, I had grown to love the department and my team. I didn't want to leave, but training offered me more daytime opportunity and, well, I love being an instructor. I had occasional doubts as to my effectiveness as a supervisor. I don't doubt my talent as an instructor. I know I'm good.

In the end I did accept the training position. Before I started my new job, I reviewed my team's stats:

Handling Time (% to goal)
Oct-101% (Yipee!!!!!)

After Work Time (% to goal)
Oct-42% (Hey, it’s still an improvement)

Oct-93% (This is right at the goal.)

I’m most proud of their Handling time. It was the first time all year that they made goal (actually exceeded it!) and it’s the highest it’s been all year!

No more doubts, I’m a good supervisor. I did make a difference in CSD.

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