Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Final Dress, "The Beauty Queen Of Leenane"

Man, I was on a roll tonight! We were rocking along, things were going well, lines were being delivered and pacing was great. I was resisting the urge to posture and pose for the photographer who was taking show pics. We were on!

I'm backstage, struggling to get into my final black dress when I realize I've got it on inside out. I yank it off and redress, trying to beat the lights up of the final scene. I see Mark come offstage and send up a little prayer that I made the costumer change in time. I grab the raincoat and start my entrance, wondering why the lights still haven't come up. Doesn't Eric see me? I jangle my keys in an attempt to signal Eric that I'm about to enter.

Lights come up, I open the door and step onstage. I see that Maryann is sitting in the rocking chair. Shit. Wait, what? Now I realize that I'm all wrong. I've skipped an entire scene!! And funnier still, it's my own page and a half monologue!

(I didn't actually skip it. As soon as I realized what scene I was supposed to be in, I sprang into action.)

Yes, that's the beauty of live theatre where things can go wrong. Thankfully, though, there was no audience other than the photographer, and he didn't know I'd messed up. And, of course, I had to reassure Joe and Eric that it won't happen again.

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