Friday, March 10, 2017

A Message From Doug Parker - Profit Sharing

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Dear Team Members,
Today marks the first profit sharing payout of our combined airline, and only the second profit sharing payment at American Airlines in the last 15 years! These payments are the result of a program we put in place in March 2016 without any contract negotiations or trade-offs. We did it because it was the right thing to do for our phenomenal team members.
It is a great time to be at American and we have a wonderful future ahead. We have the youngest fleet of our U.S. peers, and are taking delivery of another 57 new mainline aircraft this year. We are investing billions of dollars in technology and facilities that will improve the experiences of our customers and team members for years to come. Premium Economy is rolling out now, offering international customers a new choice between Main Cabin and Business Class. We are adding high-speed, satellite-based Wi-Fi that will bring the living room video experience to our aircraft. And thanks to all of you, we are running a great airline, having just completed one of the best operating reliability months in the history of American.
The most important work we have underway is validating the trust each of you place in American and our leadership team: a trust that you have leaders who care about you; a trust that you are respected and appreciated; and a trust that you can go home from work fulfilled, knowing that you made a difference in people’s lives. We know that work is just beginning and will take time. We are committed to making it happen and to working together to build a lasting company for the future.
One way we can validate the trust of our team members is through regular and consistent profit sharing. While we cannot undo that many are receiving only their second profit sharing check in 15 years, we will continually work to earn your trust for the future. And for the thousands who began their careers at American in recent years, we need to validate that you have joined a new, transformed American. Let’s set a goal that all team members, no matter when you started, never again know a year without a profit sharing check. We’re off to a good start, thanks to you.
Congratulations on this well-deserved achievement! It is an honor to work with and for you.
Doug e-Sig

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