Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Cheryl Ann's Back On Stage

At the start of a typical day in the Northeast Office, Beverly deals effortlessly with ringing phones and her colleague's romantic troubles. But the appearance of a charming rep from the Central Office disrupts the friendly routine. As the true nature of the company's business becomes apparent, 'The Receptionist' raises disquieting, provocative questions about the consequences of complicity with evil.

"A twisted comedy that ripples with creepy currents" - NY Times

 After being away from the stage for almost 2 years, I’m excited to be returning in this show. I’m playing the role of Beverly, the receptionist.

The show opens a week from this Friday and will run 2 weekends. With tickets only $10.00, it’s a very affordable night out with your spouse, significant other, mother, father, sister, brother, non-immediate family members, friends, even a stranger on the street! I don’t judge and everyone could use a good laugh! Plus, it runs less than 90 minutes so there’s plenty of time to grab a(n adult) beverage after the show. (Or even one before the show!)

The venue is small, so if you would like to attend, and I’d love to see you there, please reserve seats viaspiritgumtheatreco@gmail.com. (You still pay at the door.)

There should be a preview article about the show in Sunday’s Journal and you can visit Spirit Gum Theatrefor more information on dates and times.

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