Saturday, July 11, 2015

A Son Day on Saturday

Merger related training, etc. have been keeping me incredibly busy. As such, I've been working long hours and haven't seen much of Cade so far this summer. This morning I asked if he wanted to go to breakfast. I was pleasantly surprised that he agreed.

We went to our usual haunt for pancakes and eggs. We had nice conversation, both bringing each other up to speed on what's going on in our lives. Cade and I have always had great conversations, and I relished every moment during breakfast.

After our meal I figured he'd want to go home so he could return to his PS4 games, so I tentatively asked him if there was anything else he wanted to do. I was somewhat shocked when he asked if we could see the Minions movie. Maybe he was missing me as much as I had been missing him? I immediately jumped on Fandango to see the movie times and the movie was starting within 45 minutes.

We headed over to the Wynsong. Since we'd just had breakfast we didn't get any popcorn. We got into the theatre, which was pretty crowded. We were able to get seats on the aisle.

Honestly, I don't remember much about the movie's plot. It had some silly moments and it tied in very nicely with Despicable Me. For me, it wasn't about the movie. I was enjoying Cade's laughter and I was almost brought to tears simply watching him watch the movie.

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