Saturday, May 24, 2014

NC Wine Festival

Ken surprised me by asking if I wanted to accompany him to the 14th Annual North Carolina Wine Festival. Since I like wine, and I like Ken, I said yes.

We arrived right a bit before noon and Ken was amazed at how quickly we were able to get in. Apparently in previous years he's had to wait in lengthy traffic.

There were 29 wineries there. There was no way that we could have taste-tested all of them, so we hit those we were familiar with or ones that looked interesting. Falling into the latter category was Skull Camp Wine. Their "sublime" wine was crisp and refreshing. I purchased a bottle. I also got a bottle of Carolina's Riesling from Herrera Vineyard.

There were also 26 businesses and crafters at the festival. Vineyard Lines had a beautiful booth. They were giving a show deal discount and I was tempted to buy one of their lazy susans. The barrel stave candleholders were beautiful too. I saw some fake Sabika jewelry at the Penny Lane Boutique booth. They had some other unique gifty things too. I also placed a "Wines Constantly" order with Fuzzy Pickle T-Shirts.

By 2:30p we'd sampled from the wineries we were interested in, purchased several bottles, and visited all the crafter booths. As the sun was zapping us from energy (yea, I'll blame it on the sun!) we decided to call it a day.

If you've never been to a wine festival, it's a great time. Get there as soon as opening to avoid long tasting lines. And bring your lawn chair.

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