Friday, May 25, 2012

Station 13

One of my favorite things to do is to volunteer to help with Cade's Field Day. After having to skip it last year, I was very excited to be helping this year.

Allan and I usually work the Spray Tag station. This year he didn't want to get wet, so we asked for the Parachute Popcorn station. I figured this one would be pretty easy since the kids already know what to do.

For the most part we had a blast. There were two classes that didn't want to listen, but seeing the kids having a great time made it worthwhile. I'd call out and ask them to bring the parachute up over their heads and then slam it down so the balls would shoot high into the sky. The kids loved doing that and would scream when the balls came falling back into the parachute.

We had a great time, though my voice is a bit hoarse from projecting too much!

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