Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Texts from Sam

Sam: Voting for Obama in a school election?

Me: Cade?

Sam: Huh?

Me: you sent me a text about voting for Obama in a school election

Sam: Yes. That's the episode of "New Normal" that's on tonight

Me: Oh

Sam: Is that what you want me to watch?

Me: the whole series not just the 1 episode but yes definitely watch it tonight

Sam: Ah Okay. Oh I've seen commercials for this. It has that guy who was in National Treasure with Nicholas Cage. A woman is a gay couple's surrogate mother. Created by Ryan Murphy from Glee.

Me: and the lead actor from the Book of Mormon

Sam: Oh wow! Cool! Is that why you want me to watch it?

Me: Not entirely

Sam: Is this the new show you're into?

Me: Yes           

Friday, September 21, 2012

Do Crew

Chad and I are waiting for the Midnight Fun Run to start. (It really didn't start at midnight, rather the entire event was over by midnight.) Our job was to cheer the runners and make sure no one fell, got run over or needed any type of first aide.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Texts from Sam

Sam: Mr. Gyllenhaal

Sam: The set (can't really see the water). I snuck this just for you.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

An Afternoon At The Movies

Steer clear of big wooden boxes at yard sales. Especially if your 10 year old seems unnaturally attracted to it.

There wasn't anything particularly scary about the movie. It was the anticipation of something happening that kept me focused.

Well, that and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Texts from Sam


Me: I sooo want to see his show!

Sam: Um...don't hate me...but we're going Friday...

Me: WHAT?!?!

Me: I hate you! I ahte you hate you hate you hate you hate you

Sam: Then I guess I won't be mailing you a program.

Me: Call me.  

Saturday, September 08, 2012

BookMarks Festival

Because I am a book lover, it's not too much of a stretch for me to get really excited about the BookMarks Festival. I first attended several years ago and then was unable to attend due to SETC. The past couple of years Mallorie and I made the pilgrimage. Since she wasn't going to be with me this year, I decided to volunteer. I especially wanted to work the Book Signing tent, which would give me a chance to meet some authors.

Now this was the first time that I didn't really know any of the headlining authors. I arrived to the festival early so I could spend time in the the Wake Forest Bookstore to peruse the books and get educated on the festival authors. I bought One Sunday Morning by Amy Ephron, as the book she was actually here to promote was a pre-order. Gillian Flynn was promoting Gone Girl, Now I don't usually pay full price for books. I borrow them from the library or purchase via Amazon. Gone Girl was a $25 book that really didn't sound that interesting from the cover. Not having read Gillian's other books I was very hesitant. I did overhear two ladies talking about Sharp Objects and after reading the backcover, I was intrigued. I decided to purchase that one and have her sign it.

Here I am with Gillian Flynn. She had one of the longest book-signing lines and she was very gracious with everyone. She stayed past her time to make sure everyone got their booked signed.

Monday, September 03, 2012

Sam's First Job

Back in June when Sam told me he got a job, I thought he said he was working at Bacon Bagels. He corrected me after he picked himself from falling over with laughter. He works at Bakin' Bagels in Maywood, New Jersey. Of course we had to stop in for breakfast and to see Sam in action.
Here's what the store looks like from the inside.
Not sure why this picture came out so light, but here is Sam hard at work making mine and Cade's bacon, egg, and cheese bagels.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Texts from Sam

Sam: where are you

Me: back at the hotel

Sam: Wow, that was quick!

Me: I know. We only had to circle around once!

Sam: So next time you come up and stay there, you'll be pros

Me: That is what grandma said. Cade wants to come back in October.

Sam: What's in October? Fall break?

Me: Or a weekend, I think he misses u.

Sam: I miss him too

Me: I know. I loved watching u hold his hand. Bb and Lb.

Sam: We were in the pool last night and he just turned to me and said, "You're my brother." before he swam to the other side.

Me: Meant a lot to you, didn't it?

Sam: Yeah

Me: I think he would have used Sam more often if grandma had tried

Sam: Probably. She'll get it eventually.

Me: U just need to gently remind her to call u by your name. 

An Afternoon in the (NY) City

Today's plan was to head into the city. My plan was to perhaps see a Broadway show. Sam wasn't too interested in any of the shows, my mom didn't care either way and Cade was a flat no. Since I didn't want to plunk down $400 for the less than ecstatic we simply walked around Times Square. We spent a good deal of time in M & M's World.

Cade is getting his "color" read. His color was aqua.

We also stopped in Hershey'sand then tried to find The Drama Book Shop. We walked several blocks only to find the shop is closed on Sundays.

We decided to go to Chevy's to cool off, rest and have an early dinner.

After dinner we headed back to Sam's via Port Authority's 163/Route 3 bus. Once we got back to his house, I could tell he didn't want us to leave. We hung out for a while where Cade sat with Sam in an oversized chair watching Spongebob. All too soon, and because of the heat, it was time for us to head back to the hotel. It was almost as hard leaving Sam as it was watching him leave back in May. My plan to stop by his work for breakfast the next morning before hitting the road was but a small consolation.